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The Latest Pharma Jobs, News and Events today | 26 July 2014

Xention awarded £1.4m from Technology Strategy Board to develop new medicines for atrial fibrillation

XENTION LTD ("Xention"), the Cambridge-based biopharmaceutical company specialising in the discovery and development of ion channel-modulating drugs, announced today that it had secured £1.4m co-funding from the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, to progress its novel IKACh channel blockers through pre-clinical development.

Tim Brears, CEO of Xention said: "We are delighted to have succeeded in this competitive process and that the Technology Strategy Board has recognized not only the quality of our programme but also the promise IKACh represents as a new target for AF alongside IKur, both of which are key atrial-selective cardiac ion channels"....

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