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Glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors: Proof of co

08 Nov 02

Since the mid-1990s there has been a near exponential rise in the level of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK-3) related research. Consequently the therapeutic potential of GSK-3 inhibitors has become a
Dr Jon Goldhill

QPs Have Never Had it So Good: Four-Wheeled Benefi

07 Nov 02

PiR Group has released the essential guide to Qualified Persons (QP) salary and benefits - The 2002 QP Salary Survey & Report. The data reveals that there is no longer a 'north/south divide' but more
Anna Munford

How to manage your relationship with recruitment a

29 Oct 02

Your relationship with recruitment agencies and consultants is of critical importance if you are to quickly secure employment. This article will help you to better understand the dynamics of this rela
Jeremy Tromans

Why e-Detailing and what every sales rep needs to

29 Oct 02

Taking an in-depth look into a new media channel that could change the pharmaceutical industry
Richard Trio

HMP-12 an adrenoceptor antagonist for the treatmen

25 Oct 02

LeadDiscovery is pleased to announce the completion of it's most recent DiscoveryDossier describing a new licensing or co-development opportunity relating the treatment of erectile dysfunction and fem
Dr Jon Goldhill

Therapeutic Advances: 17th October 2002

24 Oct 02

This week’s TherapeuticAdvances focuses on new targets for Alzheimer's disease. In particular the topic of the moment, GSK-3 (which is also featured in our recent DiscoveryDossier) and clusterin have
Dr Jon Goldhill

Conference calling

20 Oct 02

A successful conference can play a vital part in the sometimes onerous management task of keeping employees motivated and well trained and in the last decade conferences have become an essential part
Mark Stacey

TherapeuticAdvances: 4th October, 2002

11 Oct 02

This week we focus on new targets for asthma (MMP-9 & LXA4). We also identify emerging approaches to the unmet CNS diseases, Alzheimer's disease (Protein phosphatase 1) and stroke (ATII receptor antag
Dr Jon Goldhill

How to Recruit Winning Clinical Staff

11 Oct 02

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly R&D-intensive industries, more so than the electronics, communications, and aerospace industries. The industry faces a continuing challenge in emp
Dr Faiz Kermani

Time to Move On?

02 Oct 02

You could spend days trawling through the situations vacant, ringing and writing to prospective employers “on spec” and buying numerous beers for your buddies in return for their “putting a good word
Elaine Ford
Futures Resourcing

TherapeuticAdvances: 19th September 2002

27 Sep 02

This week’s TherapeuticAdvances focuses on emerging indications for histone deacetylase modulators including breast cancer and asthma. In addition we feature premature ejaculation, an indication that
Dr Jon Goldhill, LeadDiscovery

e-Detailing: Revolutionizing Professional Healthcare

26 Sep 02

It has been an interesting journey for e-detailing; something that has for a while now been hyped as the ‘killer’ e-business application for today’s pharmaceutical sales & marketing teams with which t
Colin Williams

Angiotensin as a target for the treatment of Alzhe

24 Sep 02

Mental disorders affect 44.3 million Americans in a given year. According to analysts the current global CNS therapeutics market is estimated at $40-55 billion, accounting for around 15% of the total
Dr Jon Goldhill

Male and female sexual dysfunction: Blockbuster in

24 Sep 02

In March, 1998, Pfizer launched sildenafil (Viagra) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This move had an explosive effect on Pfizer's financial figures. More generally, this pharmaceutical mile
Dr Jon Goldhill

Get that job in the Pharma Industry!!

29 Aug 02

The day of your interview for your dream job has finally dawned. You’ve researched the role and the organisation, prepared your examples of skill and competency and polished your shoes!
Trudy Lowe

The Comfort Zone

22 Aug 02

The “Comfort Zone” is not a productive place to be for representative or manager. This zone leads to inaction, and poor, or at best, average results.
Allan Mackintosh

The Select Committee on Health´s Report on NICE –

15 Aug 02

In its Report on the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, the House of Commons Select Committee on Health has recommended that all information which NICE uses in its decision-making processes b
Richard Best

Peer Appraisal – A more productive method?

12 Aug 02

Appraisals, regardless of role and of industry can be very stressful processes.
Allan Mackintosh

Histone deacetylase inhibitors: Redefining pharmac

12 Aug 02

LeadDiscovery, Dr Chris Berrie and Dr Victoria Richon (Executive Director of Biology, Aton Pharma and HDAC field-leader) have collaborated to produce one of the most comprehensive reviews of HDAC rese
Lead Discovery

Get that job in the Pharma Industry!!

31 Jul 02

Well, you’ve done it – you’ve been selected for the all-important interview for your dream job in the pharmaceutical industry! But does the thought of it fill you with adrenaline and a sense of chall
Trudy Lowe

Nurse Teams: Don’t Miss The Opportunity

31 Jul 02

Nurse teams are becoming ever more prominent in the sales and marketing plans of pharmaceutical companies. Nurses can offer pharmaceutical companies a unique opportunity to deliver multiple outcomes s
Karen Ashurst

How to | Get past the receptionist

29 Jul 02

For many reps the GP’s secretary is the key to the practice, fitting in details amongst the never-ending and myriad demands of the local ill. But what do these zealots of the appointments diary really
Sukhveer Khera

About Competency Based Interviews

24 Jul 02

Increasingly, companies are opting for a formalised, objective structure as a means to standardise the interview process. To a certain extent, this allows all candidates an equal opportunity to presen
Jeremy Tromans

“Euromobility” – The Trend for Life Sciences Workf

23 Jul 02

Increasingly it seems that locational flexibility may be an essential point to mention on the CV for a career-minded corporate animal in the Life Sciences sector.
Maurice Herring

The Wedding of the Year

18 Jul 02

Pfizer's acquisition of Pharmacia for nearly $60 billion in stock has created the largest pharmaceutical company in the world with annual revenues of $48 billion.
Imran Khalifa

Can Biotech Deliver?

16 Jul 02

The biopharmaceutical industry faces several challenges to grow, but opportunities abound for companies with the right strategies.
Dr Faiz Kermani

Another fine mess

11 Jul 02

Just when we were thinking that the EU was a complete waste of money, news reached PharmiWeb Towers this week about a ground breaking plan concocted by bureaucrats in Greece to standardise all cvs/res
Daniel Judge

Accessing the Inaccessible

10 Jul 02

“I can’t get in – there is no appointment system.”
And yet, there are sales representatives who do manage to access these so-called “difficult to see doctors”. How is this, when the majority of sa
Allan Mackintosh

Global branding - Is it merely a name game or a gl

04 Jul 02

Jon Parton, Director, Direct Marketing, Strategic and Medical communications, AstraZeneca and Head of their global branding initiative will this September chair a conference programme dedicated to glo
Vision In Business