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From sepsis to depression

31 May 06

DailyUpdates 26th May, 2006: As our daily trip around the drug discovery world continues we hit Friday with some revealing information on sepsis and new phase 3 data on Wyeth's antidepressant desvenlafaxine. Read on for more about these highlight on visit today's edition of DailyUpdates for more on these advances or any of the other 50+ items featured today

EntreMed hoping for success with Panzem/Avastin combo

31 May 06

EntreMed has initiated a phase II trial of Panzem in combination with Genentech's Avastin in carcinoid cancer. The trial will examine how the therapy fares against potential rivals and its possible use in other tumor types. With the blockbuster Avastin possessing the potential to significantly raise the profile of Panzem, the study will prove crucial for EntreMed's lead pipeline drug candidate.

The problem of catheter infections plus advances in the treatment of colorectal cancer

30 May 06

DailyUpdates 30th May: As the drug discovery sector returns after various public holidays around the world, we too return with another edition of DailyUpdates. Amongst the 60 or so features today, we highlight work at Kane Biotech conducted in an attempt to reduce the major problem of catheter infection, plus news on the development of a liposomal candidate designed to deliver the active metabolite of Camptosar to colorectal cancer tumors. Summaries of this work are provided below - today's edit

Localized delivery of PDE-4 inhibitors to open the therapeutic window

30 May 06

The Localized delivery of phosphodiesterase-4 (PDE-4) inhibitors appears to be short term solution to overcome the dose-limiting side effects of severe nausea and emesis occurring after oral administration. In the long-term, subtype-selective PDE-4 inhibitors and combination regimens may help to improve the therapeutic index.
La Merie Business Intelligence

A Closer Look at Drug Safety

30 May 06

Today, pharmacologic therapies are often the first line of treatment for many diseases, including most chronic conditions...
Dr. Doniel Jackson

Advances in autoimmune disease therapeutics

26 May 06

DailyUpdates 25th May, 2006: Today both featured items from DailyUpdates focus on autoimmune disease and remarkably neither are biologics. The first, a press release from Synta announces the advancement of an IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor in development for rheumatoid arthritis and IBD; the second is a review of potassium channels as targets for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Ventricular Fibrillation and Atrial Fibrillation

26 May 06

Although ventricular and atrial fibrillation represent the most common cardiac arrhymias and are associated with amongst the highest rates of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, treatment options are suboptimal. New opportunities are however approaching the market, notably Cardiome’s RSD1235, paving the way for development by others.

Improved detection of the influenza virus...New candidate for the treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia enters the clinic

24 May 06

DailyUpdates 24th May, 2006: With the threat of influenza hanging over our heads on a seemingly continuous basis, improving the ability to rapidly and accurately identify patients infected with influenza and furthermore the strain of virus remains paramount. Today we feature research from CombiMatrix concerning their activities in this area. We also headline news coming out of Denmark's Genmab announcing the advance of HuMax-CD20, the company's CD20 monoclonal, into the clinic for the treatment

e-Detailing in 2006 and beyond

23 May 06

Colin Williams, e-Marketing Director at PharmiWeb Solutions takes a look at the current e-detailing landscape and suggests what the future could hold for this much talked about tool for pharmaceutical sales and marketing departments.
Colin Williams

Battle of the Antidepressants

22 May 06

DailyUpdates 18th May, 2006: As the antidepressant sector continues to go through a period of turbulance we report on new data for one blockbuster from this class - Lexapro. Selected for special mention from over 50 journal articles today's feature demonstrates great timing appearing at the same time as our feature - Major Depressive Disorder. Today's edition of DailyUpdates can be seen here

Benazepril offers hope to patients with advance renal disease

19 May 06

DailyUpdates 19th May, 2006: Today's edition of DailyUpdates (see it in full here) carries a couple of important articles on renal disease. One loks at the outcome of patients with renal dysfunction across various acute coronary syndromes. The featured article however demonstrates the efficacy of Novartis' Benazepril in treating advanced renal disease

The next generation of interferons needs improvement in efficacy and safety

18 May 06

The interferon alpha market is smaller than the interferon beta market, but is characterized by far more products and R&D projects. Conversion of the interferon alpha market to pegylated products explains why new R&D is focused on interferon alpha variants or other subtypes with improved pharmacodynamic and safety properties.
La Merie Business intelligence

VEGF: Same molecular approaches to cancer

15 May 06

DailyUpdates 15th May, 2006: Amongst the 50 or so papers and press releases featured today two focusing on VEGF jump out as being of especial interest. The first, a paper published by Stanford University, reports on the anti-cancer activity of an oncolytic virus in combination with gene therapy. The virus was engineered to selectively replicate in and kill cancer cells . The gene therapy encoded a soluble version of Flk1, one of the VEGF receptors. The two approaches together produce effective a

Leading by example: Amgen takes employee health seriously

15 May 06

When not doing 'insane sports', Amgen's Europe chief Rolf Hoffmann is battling big pharma
Katherine Griffiths


13 May 06

This summit aims to provide both strategic and practical information that will ensure that organisations can prepare for and survive what is now considered to be the inevitable pandemic. Professor Hugh Pennington from the Department of Medical Microbiology at University of Aberdeen will repeat his warning that, “Only one thing is certain and that is that there will be a pandemic.”
Susie Wilson

Movement in cancer vaccine development plus breaking antidepressant research

12 May 06

DailyUpdates 12th May, 2006 (click here for entire bulletin): Today appears to be cancer vaccine day with two important announements being made. First off, Genitope Corporation announce the initiation of an ealry phase clinical trial of their MyVax idiotype immunotherapy; this was followed by an announcement by Biovest reporting that fast track status had been awarded to their phase 3 candidate, BiovaxID. This follows in the footsteps of the company's announcement that the FDA had approved sale

Adult acute leukemia: demand for innovative drugs that prolong survival

11 May 06

A new report estimates that there will be approximately 84,000 cases of adult and childhood leukemia in the world's seven major pharmaceutical markets in 2006. Acute leukemias will account for 43% of these cases, and, although this market is relatively small compared to other cancer types, the clear unmet needs and regulatory incentives should help encourage drug makers.

World Pharmaceutical (China) Summit 2006

10 May 06

This Conference will provide a platform for intellectual discourse in order to answer these questions and to discuss other pressing issues regarding the pharmaceutical industry in China in particular, and the world in general. Opportunities and challenges within the whole value chain, from research and development down to sales and marketing will be discussed and solutions put forward for the benefits of attendees.
IBG Company Limited

RNA interference (RNAi) is coming of age as a therapeutic modality

09 May 06

With four clinical stage projects and 14 projects approaching IND status within the next year, RNAi is evolving as a new therapeutic modality. Topical use of RNAi in ophthalmic diseases dominated the early projects, but new delivery technologies paved the way to a broad use of RNAi in many therapeutic areas.
La Merie Business Intelligence

Travellers’ Diarrhoea Vaccines – a good run for your money?

27 Apr 06

Travellers’ Diarrhoea (TD) frequently occurs in individuals from industrialised countries when visiting destinations in developing countries. Consequences of TD include disruption of holiday and work capacity, and occasionally severe chronic disease. Existing methods of prevention are inadequate. We calculate that the number of travellers to TD risk regions was 88 million in 2003 and may reach 190 million per annum by 2020, suggesting that a significant potential market exists for a TD vaccine.
Nicholas Miller and Ingelise Saunders

2nd Annual Specialty Pharmaceuticals Global Summit

25 Apr 06

Specialty Pharma transformations and venture investments have continued to grow at an unprecedented pace. The 2006 meeting is an elite opportunity for Big Pharma, Biotech, and Drug Delivery to network with the industry's fastest growing Specialty Pharma companies and discover what makes them so attractive as a partner.
Ed Drilon

17th International Contracting & Negotiating Clinical Trails

25 Apr 06

The Definitive Conference for Clinical Research Contract Professionals!
Glenn Pascual

Pharma Opportunities in the COPD Market

07 Apr 06

COPD is a disease that will grow in importance in the future and it will have a major impact on society, particular amongst those that smoke. At the moment, although new treatments are being developed for COPD the pharmaceutical market remains undeveloped. There will be a high demand for effective medicines and so COPD should be an area of interest for pharmaceutical companies who specialise in the respiratory therapeutic field.
Dr Faiz Kermani

A Changing Course for Healthcare in Latin America?

07 Apr 06

Healthcare is receiving greater attention in Latin America than ever before and a number of countries in the region are in the midst of major reforms. The government policies that are being developed have important implications for pharmaceutical companies looking to expand in this emerging pharmaceutical region.
Dr Faiz Kermani

Fifth International World Pharmaceutical Congress

06 Apr 06

If you attend only one Drug Discovery World Congress this year, you don't want to miss this event!
James Prudhomme

What is RSS

05 Apr 06

I recently ran a quick poll on PharmiWeb, to determine what level of awareness there was for RSS (really simple syndication). So...
Mike Wood

Corning Life Sciences Announces New Innovations for Existing Series of Hot Plates, Stirrers, and Stirring Hot Plates

03 Apr 06

Corning Life Sciences today announced the addition of digital displays and enhanced features to its hot plates, stirrers and stirring hot plates. The new digital display features include: a digital temperature display adjustable in 5 degree increments and set temperature indicator; optimum digital stir speed display indicator; and an external temperature controller for precision accuracy “inside the beaker.”
Corning Life Sciences

Corning Life Sciences Announces New Ultra-Low Attachment Surface Products

03 Apr 06

Corning Life Sciences today announced several new products coated with the Ultra-Low Attachment surface including the 25 and 75 cm2 flasks and CELLSTACK® Culture Chambers which are well-suited for many cell culture applications including stem cell, cancer, and immune system research, and enable customers to increase the scale of cell culture, improve yields, and reduce contamination risks
Corning Life Sciences

Search Engine Marketing Health Pharmaceutical Labs clinical

30 Mar 06

Why ? Decision makers were not aware of the ROI that can have a search engine marketing strategy.
Elias KAI

Study supports aggressive use of atorvastatin (Lipitor)

29 Mar 06

The antidyslipidemics market is driven by the statins, which account for 87% of this segment. However, as many statins are expected to face patent expiry in the coming decade manufacturers are looking to novel products to protect their franchise. Such products include combination such as Pfizer's atorvastatin/torcetrapib. Studies demonstrating that higher doses of existing products can offer improved efficacy but with no increase in side-effects will also help optimize sales in the antidyslipid

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