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Lilly Commences Cash Tender Offer for ImClone Systems at $70 Per Share

15 Oct 08

Lilly Commences Cash Tender Offer for ImClone Systems at $70 Per Share
Lilly Newroom

New Data Shows Abbott's Bioabsorbable Drug Eluting Stent Is Absorbed Within Two Years - Leaving Behind Functioning Blood Vessels

15 Oct 08

Data Indicate Bioabsorbable Stent Platform Has Potential to Become the Next Major Breakthrough in Interventional Treatment
Abbott Newsroom

Johnson & Johnson Reports 2008 Third-Quarter Results

15 Oct 08

Sales of $15.9 Billion Increased 6.4% Versus a Year Ago; EPS was $1.17 Excluding 2007 Special Items, 2008 Third-Quarter EPS Increased 10.4%*
Johnson & Johnson Newsroom

Cardiovascular safety of vildagliptin, sitagliptin and others in the new DPP-4 inhibitor class of antidiabetic agents

13 Oct 08

The new oral antidiabetic drugs sitagliptin and vildagliptin work by boosting the guts incretin hormones GLP-1 and GIP to regulate insulin secretion following food intake and glucagon secretion when blood sugar is low.
Olwen Glynn Owen-Pharmiweb Field Reporter

Rheumatoid arthritis: treatment should consider patients' perspective

08 Oct 08

Current treatments for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are failing to control patients' pain adequately, and health care professionals are not fully addressing patients' concerns, new research suggests. At the recent Annual Congress of Rheumatology meeting (EULAR) in Paris this summer, findings of a study presented during a UCB-sponsored symposium highlighted a mismatch between perceptions of patients and professionals as to what constitutes effective management of RA
Olwen Glynn Owen - Pharmiweb Field Reporter

MammaPrint testing pinpoints risk of breast cancer recurrence from the primary tumour`s genetic make-up

30 Sep 08

Deciding whether or not women with breast cancer require adjuvant chemotherapy after removal of the primary tumour has traditionally been based on a series of prognostic clinical features such as tumour size, lymph node involvement, and other factors. If risk of recurrence is deemed low, adjuvant therapy and its associated toxicity can be avoided. Molecular technology is now available to help clinicians decide on the risks of a particular tumour recurring, based on its genetic fingerprint.
Olwen Glynn Owen - Pharmiweb Field reporter

The Global Vaccines Market 2008-2023

30 Sep 08

The period 2008-2023 will see a vaccine "boost". There will be a new resurgence in the sales and utilisation of vaccines. Are you prepared for this? You should be.

A breath of fresh air

29 Sep 08

A new national guideline will provide clarity on emergency oxygen use in adults
Bansree Takodra

What is Alzheimer`s disease

26 Sep 08

Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia.

What Is Flu?

24 Sep 08

This months feature focus from covers the difference between a common cold and flu, the various symptoms and recent preventions.
PharmiWeb Editor

Wholesale & Distribution

23 Sep 08

- Examination of the UK, US and European regional markets for prescription pharmaceuticals 2008 -

How to: get the most out of job searching on

19 Sep 08

If you are new to using in your job searching, you'll soon realise that we have thousands of jobs listed and that they change every day. This means you may initially find the task a bit daunting.
Mike Wood

Global Respiratory Drugs Report 2008 - 2013

16 Sep 08

- Respiratory illness effects more than 1 billion people. - Asthma is on the increase - Respiratory drugs generated a total revenue of more than $30.5 billion for the 12 months of 2006 - The market shows a percentage increase year-on-year

Can you help me Dr Google?

08 Sep 08

With Google now being 10 years old, a leading medical protection organisation is highlighting the increasing trend towards patient using the search engine for online self-diagnosis.
Ciara Brannigan

What is Parkinson's?

08 Sep 08

Parkinson's is a progressive neurological condition affecting movements such as walking, talking, and writing. It is named after Dr. James Parkinson (1755-1824), the London doctor who first identified Parkinson's as a specific condition.
Parkinson's Disease Society

Many GP Surgeries Unprepared For A Flu Pandemic, Finds Risk Survey

08 Sep 08

Survey finds 38% of GP practices are currently underprepared for a flu pandemic, and one in ten do not have any emergency recovery plans in place.
Stuart Gidden

Tackling Migraines With Ginger

02 Sep 08

Nearly six million people in the UK suffer from migraines with 190,000 attacks occurring every day*. Two out of three sufferers are women** and, in total, migraines cost the UK around Ă‚ÂŁ1 billion per annum***.
Marlon Bouman

Scanning For The Early Signs Of Osteoarthritis

02 Sep 08

Scientists have just announced the development of new medical imaging technology that can spot signs of osteoarthritis even before it starts causing joint damage.
Rita Dores

7th Annual Pricing & Reimbursement Strategies in Pharma Conference

02 Sep 08

With these increasing pressures upon the pharmaceuticals industry, it has never been more important to formulate an accurately informed pricing strategy

Inequities Are Killing People

29 Aug 08

A child born in a Glasgow, Scotland suburb can expect a life 28 years shorter than another living only 13 kilometers away. A girl in Lesotho is likely to live 42 years less than another in Japan. In Sweden, the risk of a woman dying during pregnancy and childbirth is 1 in 17,400; in Afghanistan, the odds are 1 in 8.

Dont forget - Job Alerts by Email

27 Aug 08

Whether you are looking for pharma sales jobs, clinical research jobs, or any other pharmaceutical job, with thousands of jobs in the database you can be forgiven for not coming back every day to search... Well, you actually dont have to - we can do the searching for you!
Mike Wood

Oncology Market Leaders Analyses and Outlook, Market Report 2008-2023

15 Aug 08

The UK government have told kidney cancer patients that new drugs cannot be offered on the National Health Service. Roche's Avastin, Bayer's Nexavar, Pfizer's Sutent and Wyeth's Torisel were not cost-effective. The drugs known generically as bevacizumab, sorafenib, sunitinib and temsirolimus should therefore not be a treatment option for advanced and/or metastatic kidney cancer, NICE said.

What Is Psoriasis?

14 Aug 08

This feature 'What is Psoriasis?' is one of three features that focuses on the topic of skin conditions.
Pharmiweb Editor

What Is Eczema?

14 Aug 08

This feature 'What is Eczema?' is one of three features that focuses on the topic of skin conditions.
Pharmiweb Editor

What Is Acne?

13 Aug 08

This feature 'What is Acne?' is one of three features that focuses on the topic of skin conditions.
PharmiWeb Editor

Global Clinical Trials Business Report & Analysis 2008-2018

30 Jul 08

The global clinical trials business is worth an estimated $50bn in 2008, with a rate of growth of 10%. In recent years, the nature of clinical trials has changed considerably. An increased emphasis has been placed on cost-effectiveness of pharmaceutical R&D, as well as increased productivity to maintain the high output of recent years.
Visiongain Editor

Pain Management Conference 2008

11 Jul 08

The development of innovative therapeutics and complimentary technologies for the effective management of pain 7th – 8th October 2008, BSG Conference Centre, London, UK.
PharmiWeb Editor

What Is Arthritis?

09 Jul 08

Arthritis is not just a disease of older people – it can affect people of all ages, including children. It is not clear what causes arthritis and there is no cure at present. However, there is plenty you can do to manage yourcondition and lead a full and active life.
PharmiWeb Editor

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

23 Jun 08

In recent years Negative Pressure Wound Therapy has revolutionised the way clinicians manage and treat a wide range of wounds, Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) is a mechanical wound care treatment that uses controlled negative pressure to assist and accelerate wound healing (Bryant, R. 2000).
Kevin Mearns

New generation anti-TNF drug Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) may offer faster control of RA

17 Jun 08

Cimzia (certolizumab pegol) is the first and so far, only, PEGylated, Fc-Free, anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) alpha treatment in development for rheumatoid arthritis. Data presented at the Annual European Rheumatology Congress (EULAR) suggest that, in combination with methotrexate, Cimzia acts fast to significantly suppress disease activity, prevent structural damage to joints, preserve physical function and help patients continue working productively.
Olwen Glynn Owen - Pharmiweb Field reporter