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Don’t be scared of Assessment Centres

15 Oct 04

Recruitment is a very inexact science – the statistics in favour of making the right decision based on the traditional interview alone are horrifyingly low (the percentage is in single figures). This is a fact that has really only been acknowledged in recent years and, as a result, organisations have looked for ways to improve the success rate of their selection choices.
Lydia Holder

Flu season begins but a vaccine shortage awaits

14 Oct 04

The recent government suspension of the manufacturing license for major flu vaccine maker Chiron in the UK has left many countries facing a severe shortage in flu vaccine supply for the 2004-05 season. In the light of previous vaccine provision difficulties, Datamonitor's Laura Harris argues that, in the longer term, cell culture vaccines could resolve the annual flu vaccine quandary...

Life after Vioxx - $2.5 billion up for grabs?

11 Oct 04

Last week, Merck & Co sent shockwaves through the pharmaceutical market with the announcement that it had voluntarily withdrawn its blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx. Datamonitor's Adele Schulz examines the likely impact of this event, for the remainder of 2004 and beyond, on both Merck and its rivals...

Isotechnika's search for a partner continues

03 Sep 04

Isotechnika's Q2 loss shows a sharp reversal in fortunes. Profit in 2003 was largely attributable to a research payment for ISA247 from Roche, which has since pulled out of part of the deal. Isotechnika will be hoping that Roche continues to support ISA247 in the field of transplantation, but, says Datamonitor's Timothy Pang, it would be boosted by the cash that a new partner would bring...

Targeted therapies the aim for breast cancer treatment

01 Sep 04

Due to more and better screening practices leading to earlier diagnosis, survival rates for breast cancer have risen to as high as 87% in some developed countries. But globally, 380,000 people (mainly women) will still die from breast cancer in 2004. Datamonitor's Fleur Pijpers explains that in the future, new targeted therapies could lead to successful treatment for each individual patient...

Selling the e-remedy

01 Sep 04

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking to technology to increase sales, according to COLIN WILLIAMS, Head of Marketing at PharmiWeb Solutions...
Colin Williams


23 Aug 04

Eventually, methods developed by research laboratories need to be transferable to face the rigours of external validation or the production line. Many researchers, however, are unaware that this procedure must be adequately documented, a crucial issue when it comes to regulation and outsourcing.
Rachel Holdsworth/Geoff Pulham

It's not just drug discovery that's an expensive business

23 Aug 04

Pharmaceutical practices from manufacturing to marketing are coming under increasing scrutiny from watchdogs, regulators and shareholders. As huge fines and record settlements erode profits, Datamonitor's Andrew Jones argues that pharma companies must focus on tightening compliance...

Why Do Companies Recruit Online?

23 Aug 04

Having worked as a recruitment consultant for six years I soon realised that online recruitment was my main source of applicants. This maybe due to how easy it is for applicants to apply online and more people having Internet access. Which type of site do you tend to look at on the web? A news site? A site about your hobby or team? A job board such as Pharmiweb? With more people searching for jobs online, more companies see the benefit and use job boards to direct them to their careers page
Ed Fowler - Ltd

Can you Sell Yourself?

18 Aug 04

After my many years of conducting interviews and recruiting for both junior and senior employees, I have come to the conclusion that if there is one single thing that a person can do to secure a second interview or a desired position it is believe in themselves.
Susan Mason

US online pharmacies can attract consumers from cross-border discounters

12 Aug 04

The trade in discounted prescription drugs between Canada and the US has elicited considerable controversy on both sides of the border. Yet recent figures show that sales of drugs via Canadian pharmacies have not been as great as some had predicted. However, as Datamonitor's David Deon explains, pharmaceutical companies could go further by driving the expansion of online prescribing in the US...

Big bucks battling super bugs?

03 Aug 04

Bacterial skin diseases like gangrene can now expect an onslaught of new specialist medications. However, skin infections make up a relatively small proportion of the $20.4 billion annual global antibacterial market, which, says Datamonitor's Amber Gibson, raises questions about why such conditions are the current focus of so much antibacterial product development...

Difficulty Getting Interviews? – Write an Interview Winning CV!

14 Jul 04

What exactly is a Curriculum Vitae? Is it a List of your Skills and Experience? Is it a Mini Biography? Is it a chance to get someone to fully appreciate your Skills and Achievements? Truth be known, It’s none of these.
Lydia Holder

Have you reached the Career Crossroads?

23 Jun 04

‘To change Career, or to change Company?’ Although these seven words are easy to utter (and utter you will, over and over again), they are actually very deceptive as really what you are asking is, ‘Which direction should my life now take?’
Lydia Holder

Make your Last Impression Count!

21 Jun 04

Everyone knows that first impressions count. There have been countless articles on how to ‘Dress to impress’, and how to make sure the first five minutes of your interview are geared towards creating the perfect ‘First Impression’.
Lydia Holder

I’m a Candidate Get me out of here!

17 Jun 04

As we all know, interviews come in three forms: The good, the bad, and sometimes… The downright ugly! This is an article about the latter; ugly interviews, from ‘unconventional’ interviewers, who wouldn’t know the words ‘Professional, Un-biased and Independent’ even if they came up and bit them!
Lydia Holder

Biogenerics market presents new commercial opportunity

11 Jun 04

With several blockbuster biological products approaching patent expiry and the emergence of new approval pathways, the biogenerics segment represents an attractive opportunity for companies looking to escape intensifying competition in the commodity generics sector. However, with the biotech industry preparing significant opposition to any new regulatory initiatives, barriers to market entry could remain high.

Naked Ambition

28 Mar 04

The presence of Arthur Dent's in pyjamas throughout the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in a series of increasingly surreal encounters, acts as a constant reminder to the reader that no matter what
Daniel Judge


20 Jan 04

a Bristol based Biochemical Company, says it has invented a new sprayable antibacterial disinfectant agent, to be launched under the name of D-Stroy, that can kill the hospital superbug MRSA and TB.
Daisy Norman

Which Recruitment Consultancy?

18 Dec 03

Which ever side of the desk you’re on you will be familiar with the principle of the trade-off between the cost of recruitment and the cost of failure to recruit the right person – never more in the spotlight than now.
Nigel Haigh

Interviews and your personality report

16 Dec 03

Personality test experts People Maps return to offer candidates more invaluable advise about the use of personality profilers and their importance in the job interview process
Martin Gibbons

How to | Cope with Redundancy

16 Dec 03

Redundancy – meaning a position of employment is no longer tenable – is a traumatic experience. It is possibly one of the most devastating events you’ll have to go through in your career but one that is becoming all too frequent across the industry.
Aileen Parlane

Drug Rep Success - Book review

16 Sep 03

‘Drug Rep Success’ is the most complete of the numerous books published in the last 18 months or so that purport to offer guidance to the wannabe Medical Sales Rep and enhance the productivity of the established rep.
Mark Stacey

Winning through the web

09 Sep 03

Pharmiweb's first online recruitment training day saw a group of seasoned recruiters and HR professionals studying and workshopping ideas for more effective online recruitment in a one day session.
Mark Stacey

AXESS welcomes the second edition of “Careers with

13 May 03

Many of our candidates benefited from the previous book, and we are sure that the new edition will build on this success
Ian Thomas

Recruitment for Medical Jobs within the Pharmaceut

07 Feb 03

The pharmaceutical industry has a wide range of roles for medics, from clinical pharmacology where the clinical care of study subjects is your responsibility, to the position of medical adviser, which
Sue Ransom

Senior Executive Recruitment

20 Nov 02

Lets have a look at the healthcare market and some of the things that are changing within it and then assess the impact of the changes on companies’ ability to achieve effective recruitment.
Peter Fortune

QPs Have Never Had it So Good: Four-Wheeled Benefi

07 Nov 02

PiR Group has released the essential guide to Qualified Persons (QP) salary and benefits - The 2002 QP Salary Survey & Report. The data reveals that there is no longer a 'north/south divide' but more
Anna Munford

How to manage your relationship with recruitment a

29 Oct 02

Your relationship with recruitment agencies and consultants is of critical importance if you are to quickly secure employment. This article will help you to better understand the dynamics of this rela
Jeremy Tromans

How to Recruit Winning Clinical Staff

11 Oct 02

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most highly R&D-intensive industries, more so than the electronics, communications, and aerospace industries. The industry faces a continuing challenge in emp
Dr Faiz Kermani