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Results of previous polls

How to you keep track of the jobs you have applied for?
I don't 40%40%
A spreadsheet 24%24%
A note book 26%26%
Dedicated software 1%1%
Other 9%9%

What is the most important factor to you when looking for a new job?
Salary 33%33%
Flexible Working 26%26%
The Working Environment 17%17%
Holidays 1%1%
Location 17%17%
Stability of Company 5%5%

Where are you most likely to apply for a job?
Employer Website 51%51%
Job Board (niche) 15%15%
Job Board (general) 11%11%
Agency Listing 24%24%

Which Pharma Company would you most like to work for?
AZ 14%14%
Eli Lilly 11%11%
BMS 5%5%
GSK 10%10%
J & J 8%8%
Pfizer 11%11%
Roche 12%12%
Novartis 12%12%
Sanofi 4%4%
Gilead 5%5%
Bayer 5%5%
MSD (Merck & Co ) 4%4%

Are you worried that Brexit will be bad for UK Pharma Jobs?
Yes 71%71%
No 29%29%

What would be the main reason for leaving your current job?
Lack of Career Progression 55%55%
Better Salary Elsewhere 16%16%
Your Line Manager or Team 19%19%
Lack of Training 4%4%
A Better Benefits Package 6%6%

If you're job hunting, will you continue looking over the Christmas Period?
Yes - continue 76%76%
No - on hold 24%24%

Have you ever got a job through PharmiWeb?
Yes 7%7%
No 93%93%

How Important Is Flexible Working For You?
Not at all 7%7%
Quite 14%14%
Very 28%28%
Crucial 51%51%

How Important Is The Opportunity to Remote Work For You?
Not at all 8%8%
Quite 12%12%
Very 33%33%
Crucial 48%48%

Would you refer a friend for a job if you got paid for it?
Yes 46%46%
No 13%13%
Maybe 41%41%

Would you ever take part in a Clinical Trial?
Yes 44%44%
Possibly 23%23%
Probably not 18%18%
Never 15%15%

What proportion of your job hunting time is done on mobile devices
None 64%64%
Up to 25% 12%12%
Between 25% & 50% 8%8%
Between 50% & 75% 7%7%
Between 75% & 100% 8%8%

How long should you stay in a job?

Until something better comes along 14%14%
1-2 years 8%8%
2-4 years 22%22%
4-6 years 7%7%
Until I am no longer happy there 50%50%

What's the worst mistake to make on your CV?

Lying 54%54%
Bad Spelling or Grammer 22%22%
Poor Layout 6%6%
Gaps in your Work History 9%9%
Something Else 9%9%

Do you use your mobile to search for and apply for jobs?

Never 39%39%
Rarely 18%18%
Regularly 19%19%
Always 25%25%

Have you used LinkedIn to search for a job?
Yes 72%72%
No 19%19%
Not sure I know how to 9%9%

Survey - Which of these companies would you most like to work for?

Do you think you have you experienced age discrimination at work?
Yes 69%69%
No 19%19%
Not that I've noticed 12%12%

How long do you spend job hunting each week?
Less than 1 hour 17%17%
Between 1 and 2 hours 20%20%
Between 2 and 3 hours 12%12%
More than 3 hours 51%51%

Are telephone interviews a good idea?
Yes 57%57%
No 22%22%
For the recruiter, not for the candidate 16%16%
For the candidate, not the recruiter 5%5%

What area of would you like to see expanded?
Jobs 84%84%
News 4%4%
Events 2%2%
Career Advice 8%8%
In Depth Features 2%2%

Will you be job hunting in 2012?
No 8%8%
Yes 72%72%
No, but I'll keep my eyes open 14%14%
Open to offers 7%7%

Do you feel secure in your current job?
Yes 42%42%
No 58%58%

When was the last time you had any "official" training at work
Never had any training at work 25%25%
Not since I started the job 25%25%
I get occassional training 25%25%
I have an agreed training plan 24%24%

How many conferences do you go to each year?
None 48%48%
1 - 2 38%38%
2 - 4 8%8%
5+ 8%8%

Are you given good training in your job?
Yes I get lots of great training 19%19%
I get training based on an agreed plan 20%20%
I get some training, but nothing formal 17%17%
I get little or no training in my job 44%44%

What is the most important factor to you when looking for a new job?
Salary 35%35%
Flexible Working 15%15%
The working environment 22%22%
Holidays 1%1%
Location 13%13%
Stability of company 13%13%

How long have you been looking for a job?
1-3 months 45%45%
4-6 months 19%19%
7 months - 1 year 13%13%
Over 1 year 23%23%

Would you use a PharmiWeb iPhone App for your job search?
oh yes! 58%58%
maybe 17%17%
no 25%25%

What area of would you like to see expanded?
Jobs 75%75%
News 5%5%
Events 3%3%
Career Advice 10%10%
Industry Features 6%6%

What has the recent economic situation meant for your job search?
I've postponed looking for a new job 28%28%
I've stepped up my job hunting 51%51%
It hasn't made any difference 21%21%

How many CVs have you sent out per week when job hunting?
1-10 58%58%
11-20 17%17%
21+ 25%25%

Are you currently ...
Employed 47%47%
Self Emplyed 11%11%
Both Employed and Self Employed 10%10%
Unemployed 32%32%

Have you used Twitter to look for a job?
Yes 11%11%
No 73%73%
Not sure how I would 16%16%

Have you used LinkedIn to look for a job?
Yes 46%46%
No 44%44%
Not sure how I would 10%10%

Have you used Facebook to look for a job?
Yes 9%9%
No 71%71%
Not sure how I would 20%20%

Will the NHS IT system be worth over £12 billion when its completed?
No 49%49%
Yes 30%30%
It remains to be seen 21%21%

Do you Twitter?
Yes - Regularly 12%12%
Yes - Occasionally 9%9%
Yes - but Rarely 6%6%
No 68%68%
Not Any More 5%5%

Would you use a Pharma-Industry specific microblogger (like Twitter for pharma) if we had one?
Yes 38%38%
No 51%51%
Maybe 11%11%

How do you feel about 2009?
Very optimistic 18%18%
Slightly optimistic 19%19%
Not concerned at all 8%8%
Slightly worried 30%30%
Very worried 25%25%

Will your health suffer over Christmas?
Yes - I tend to get carried away. 17%17%
No - I make sure I stay in control. 68%68%
Maybe - but who cares, its Christmas. 15%15%

What langauges should we consider for
German 14%14%
Italian 6%6%
French 15%15%
Swiss 2%2%
Dutch 1%1%
Spanish 10%10%
Flemish 17%17%
Polish 6%6%
Hungarian 5%5%
Czech 1%1%
Russian 2%2%
Ukrainian 2%2%
Other... 20%20%

If you are an asthma sufferer...
My asthma is getting worse, year on year 78%78%
My asthma has remained roughly the same each year 14%14%
My asthma is getting better each year 8%8%

How do you rate the new Job Alerts?
Poor 33%33%
Not so good 40%40%
Good 13%13%
Excellent 13%13%

If you are here to search for jobs are you...
A recent graduate looking for a first job in the industry 22%22%
Looking to move into the industry from another 25%25%
Simply looking to further your career within the industry 53%53%

A German Pharmacists' Association is building a case against Dutch e-Pharmacy DocMorris for cross border activities.
Are national bans on cross-border shipments equivalent to a restriction of trade?

What is your opinion?
Yes 69%69%
No 20%20%
Don't Know 11%11%

Should smoking be banned in public places in Britain?
Yes 85%85%
No 15%15%

Should More Hospitals be run by private companies?
No 89%89%
Yes 11%11%

Would you be happy to create an online CV on PharmiWeb?
Yes 48%48%
No 46%46%
Not sure 6%6%

Do you think that eDetailing works?
Yes 52%52%
No 16%16%
Not Yet 20%20%
Not Sure 12%12%

Is the new NHS Patient Choice a good idea?
Yes 33%33%
No 35%35%
It remains to be seen 31%31%

Do you think the NHS is doing everything it can to erradicate MRSA?
Yes 11%11%
No 76%76%
Don't Know 14%14%

Do you use RSS Feeds?
Yes 19%19%
No 12%12%
I have no Idea what RSS is and how to use it 69%69%

When looking for a Pharmaceutical job, would you...
find an appropriate agency 23%23%
go directly to the pharma companies I am interested in 31%31%
Both 47%47%

Have you used a recruitment company? - how did you find the experience?
Great - made my life a lot easier 37%37%
Not Bad - I was generally pleased 15%15%
Not a very good experience 17%17%
Very Bad - I was not happy 32%32%

Would you pay for exclusive content on
Yes 6%6%
Maybe, depending on what it was 16%16%
No way - everything should be free 78%78%

Would you subscribe to a podcast of pharma news and Views?
Yes - and I would pay a small amount for it 4%4%
Yes - but only if it was free! 52%52%
No 20%20%
What on earth is a Podcast? 24%24%

In the UK, how seriously is your company taking the latest Age Discrimination regulations?
We don't intend to change 11%11%
We will start to change in the future 38%38%
We are starting to take action now 12%12%
We have already made changes 26%26%
What Age Discrimination regulations? 12%12%

Would you participate in an online Discussion Forum on
Yes 64%64%
No 24%24%
Possibly 12%12%

Which of the following companies would you most like to work for?
Merck Serono 8%8%
Johnson & Johnson 11%11%
Pfizer 12%12%
BMS 2%2%
Roche 6%6%
GSK 11%11%
Novartis 6%6%
AstraZeneca 12%12%
Lilly 4%4%
Amgen 4%4%
MSD 3%3%
Servier 1%1%
Abbott 2%2%
Napp 1%1%
Innovex 1%1%
Quintiles 4%4%
Sanofi Aventis 5%5%
Schering Plough 2%2%
Other 4%4%

Would you browse on your Mobile?
I do already 15%15%
Yes - I would 27%27%
No thanks 58%58%

If pharma news was available as a VIDEO on, would you use it?
Yes 38%38%
No 39%39%
I'd have a look - then decide 23%23%

Would you use a Job Alerts by email service from
Yes 83%83%
No 8%8%
Maybe 8%8%

Who is mostly to blame for the increasing problem of obesity?
The Food Industry 24%24%
The Media 11%11%
Educational Establishments 3%3%
The Government 2%2%
Parents 19%19%
Each individual 38%38%
Other 4%4%

Do you think the Public smoking bans have been a good thing.
Yes 86%86%
No 10%10%
Not really noticed 4%4%

Do you think age discrimination exists when applying for jobs in the Pharmaceutical Industry?
Yes 72%72%
No 28%28%
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