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Blood Disorders Market Analysis & Forecasts Report to 2013

Blood Disorders Market Analysis & Forecasts Report  to 2013


In 2007, blood diseases cost the US’s economy $114bn. In 2004, a reported 232,000 deaths in the US were due to anaemia, myeloproliferative and myelodysplastic disorders, bleeding disorders, white blood cell disorders and thrombosis collectively. From oxygen delivery to immunological defence to clotting, blood has vital physiological functions, and clear, expensive treatments.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010
This brand new blood diseases treatments report breaks down therapies into four main groups:
• Antithrombotics
• Anti-anaemics
• Clotting Factors
• Others
In 2006 visiongain valued this market at $37406m, But do you know how the blood diseases treatments market will fare 5, 10 and 15 years from now? Will it increase in sales and bring in significant profits or will it be rocked by widespread patent expiration and ensuing generic competition? This report provides these answers, with detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis. This is information every player in the blood diseases treatments market should not be without.
Visiongain’s new Blood Disorders 2008 report covers:
• An in-depth analysis of the major blood diseases and treatments
• Discussion of most effective innovative treatments for blood diseases
• Trends in the overall world blood diseases treatments market, with detailed market forecasts from 2008 to 2023
• Reasons behind the trends
• A breakdown of the world market into the principal market segments, with forecasts and predictions of future market share values
• Sales forecasts of the leading drugs in each sub-market
• A SWOT analysis of the blood disorders market
• Discussion of relevant market drivers and restraints
• A geographical breakdown of relevant global sales trends into the leading national markets
• Pipeline developments in blood disorders
This study was achieved through research of relevant news, company reports, expert opinion, academic literature and gold-standard IMS databases. Financial forecasting based upon in-depth research was performed, with accompanying SWOT analyses. The result is a comprehensive market-based study with extensive analysis and informed opinion.
Why You Should Buy This Report
This 115+ page report features over 25 tables, 50 graphs, market forecasts, current news, detailed insight, the latest developments, all with up-to-date analysis and informed opinion. This visiongain report is a vital aid to your gaining an understanding of this important market sector, giving your company 'the edge' on its competitors.
Importantly report gives answers to relevant questions such as:
• How will sales for blood disorder treatments change from 2006-2013 and beyond?
• What is the market share of the four classes of treatments and how will they change in the years ahead?
• What are the top ten drugs in the blood diseases treatments market currently – how will they fare from now until 2013?
• Which group of treatments will contract the most over the next five years?
• Which drugs dominate each treatment group, present and future?
• What are the main issues facing the market worldwide, both present and up to 2023?
• Where will the main opportunities lie from now onwards?
• Will the US continue to dominate the blood diseases treatments market? Where do the other leading pharmaceutical nations stand?
• In which stages of development are relevant pipeline products and what are their prospects?
Other benefits to you when you order this report:
- Full searchable report when you buy the company or corporate editions
- Copies can be easily printed for offline reading
You should read this report today. Contact me now to order your copy.

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