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Global Clinical Supplies

Global Clinical Supplies


Increased regulations and review are continually challenging clinical supply operations. In addition, managing diverse resources while ensuring accurate, timely supply of materials is always difficult. Pharmaceutical Education Associates “Global Clinical Supplies” conference will show you the key strategies you’ll need to ensure efficiency and compliance in your global supply operations.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Just a few of the key topics to be discussed include:

*Understanding the implementation of the clinical trials directive and annex 13

*Identifying key strategies for next-generation compliance for supply chain systems

*Preparing for the FDA rule and EPC in the bar coding of pharmaceuticals

*Determining if radio frequency identification (RFID) is the answer to clinical supply efficiency

*Understanding how to partner efficiently during clinical trial design

*Utilizing the best tools to lead tomorrow’s world of global supply operations ahead of the competition.

You’ll hear from a panel of experts including Pfizer, Merck, Sanofi-Synthelabo, Johnson & Johnson, Organon USA, Uniform Code Council, IBM Global Business, Seraphim Life Sciencees Consulting, Pharmlink Consultants and Covance.