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Global Respiratory Drugs Report 2008 - 2013

Global Respiratory Drugs Report 2008 - 2013


- Respiratory illness effects more than 1 billion people. - Asthma is on the increase - Respiratory drugs generated a total revenue of more than $30.5 billion for the 12 months of 2006 - The market shows a percentage increase year-on-year
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010
Visiongain's report Global Respiratory Drugs 2008 - 2013 provides you with a greater understanding of the largest segments in the respiratory diseases marketplace. It delivers direct to you, the latest information on the causes, incidence, treatments, market size, and market advances.
Unmet needs in the management of respiratory illnesses include the following: more effective, safe, and inexpensive treatments; a wider array of drug options; and physician education and skill building. Therapies in development will give physicians more treatment options.
In this one-off unique report you will discover
- Analysis of the major disease states, therapeutics, and current players
- Statistics on the major respiratory diseases frequently targeted by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies
- Forecasts of the major therapeutic sales areas to 2013
- Assessment of the key technologies currently in the clinical development stage
- Financial assessments of the major players
- Research and development pipelines of key industry leaders within the respiratory market

With in-depth sales forecasts (put together using visiongain’s in-house forecasting software) for leading pharmaceutical products, the report has been produced to inform you of future developments and strategies. The respiratory market generated revenues of $30503m in 2006, but what will it be in 2013? Which year will see it reach its peak? This report tells you. It is only through ordering and reading this report can you maximise the opportunities available to you in this marketplace.
The respiratory market contained ten blockbuster drugs in 2006. There is room for more. Will you be part of this opportunity?
Asthma has increased significantly over the past few decades. Its numbers will continue to increase and be a key driver of this market throughout the forecast period of the report. But how much will this segment grow? This report tells you.
- Sources include primary interviews and analysis which is NOT available anywhere else.
- Benefit from our in-house industry database with in-house exclusive forecasts
- Commercial news from our team of journalists is included also
- Published reports, economic research and consultation with experts is also included and analysed
Included in this exclusive industry leading report is:
• Discussion of the current pharmaceutical market
• Forecast of the worldwide pharmaceutical market from 2008-2013
• Drivers and restraints facing the respiratory market
• Opportunities and threats facing the respiratory market
• Growth of the respiratory drugs market between 2008-2013
• Commercial prospects for the market-leading drugs, with sales forecasts from 2008-2013
• Individual forecasts of the leading drug classes from 2008-2013
• The potential of generics manufacturers to penetrate this market
• Pipeline developments with blockbuster potential
• Currently marketed drugs with blockbuster potential
• Discussion of unmet therapeutic needs and relative advantages of products

Do you know what the market values of these major therapeutic areas of the respiratory market are? The report provides in-depth market analysis upon these areas, and extensively identifies both prescription and OTC respiratory drugs by product type. The study also assess' the challenges faced by respiratory companies, and what exciting market opportunities exist in this up- and-coming therapeutic area.

With over 40 figures & graphs, 15 tables and charts, news, insights, the latest developments and an in depth survey of the respiratory market with up-to-date analysis, this report is a vital addition to your understanding of this highly profitable market sector. By ordering this report you will give your organisation 'the edge' on your competitors. - PRICING -
- Individual report pricing - single user copies of this report are available for only GBP1499
- Departmental copies (this entitles up to 5 individual users in your department) of this report are available for only GBP2999. This is not suitable for library usage.
- Allow your whole company to have access to this information for only GBP4999. Company-wide License allows your whole company access and intranet use on CD Rom and .pdf. Suitable for library storage and use.
- Does your company have over 2,500 employees? Have the whole company access this information for a special rate of only GBP6999