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Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013

Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013


Pfizer is recognised as being one of the strongest performing pharmaceutical companies in terms of sales, revenue growth, acquisitions, breadth of portfolio, product launches and pipeline developments. Pfizer's prominence is due to the company having nine blockbuster products, seven market leaders and strong products in all the major therapeutic categories. How can you compete with them? Which areas are the exposed in? Find out today in this new Visiongain report.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

Pfizer is the world's largest and most profitable pharmaceutical company. Its pharmaceutical division generates sales of $44671m in 2007.

This new report - Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013 - examines the Pfizer group critically, through comprehensive research and analysis. This report covers both of Pfizer’s pharmaceutical and animal healthcare division. Importantly, visiongain discusses Pfizer in the context of the wider pharmaceutical industry and global market. Furthermore, visiongain applied independent analysis and techniques such as financial forecasting, SWOT analyses, R&D pipeline analysis and qualitative projections. The result is a comprehensive market-based report with detailed analysis and informed opinion.

Why you should buy this report:
In particular, Pfizer - Market Outlook for a Global Leader, 2008-2013 concentrates on the following essential aspects of that company and its market, including the competitive environment for leading pharma companies:
• Detailed analysis of Pfizer’s divisions and its products, including Lipitor
• Sales forecasts for Pfizer’s pharmaceutical division
• Sales forecasts for key products and therapeutic areas
• Discussions of issues affecting the relevant market segments, including competitor analysis
• Drivers and opportunities for Pfizer
• Restraints and threats facing the company
• Discussion of company strategy in the context of the market
• Pipeline developments and their implications for the future
• Strategic alliances and licensing
• International operations, including developing markets.

Visiongain believes that the period 2008 to 2013 will be pivotal for Pfizer, particularly due to patent expiry and the demands of new technological paradigms, such as biologics and genomic medicine. A closer examination of Pfizer’s portfolio reveals that many of its leading products will lose patent protection during the next five years, causing severe revenue erosion for the company.

Those challenges include Lipitor, the number-one selling drug in history and a product responsible for a significant share of Pfizer's revenue. The global healthcare industry is entering an exciting new period, with both significant opportunities and great challenges for companies such as Pfizer. Any professional interested in the fortunes of leading pharmaceutical companies from the present onwards cannot afford to ignore this study.

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