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Spotlight: A conversation with Marianna Suckova, Recruitment Director, Docs Global

Spotlight: A conversation with Marianna Suckova, Recruitment Director, Docs Global


A conversation with Marianna Suckova, Recruitment Director, Docs Global
Last Updated: 03-Nov-2015

Always interested to know your views and share your expertise, Spotlight focuses in on industry leaders to listen to their views and gain feedback on what works well for them in the daily running of their business.

This week we catch up with Marianna Suckova, Recruitment Director of Docs Global who recently took part in one of our recruitment training sessions. The sessions are proving popular for clients looking to excel in the field and place the best candidates in for their clients ideal roles.

About Marianna Suckova
Marianna Suckova is an experienced & dynamic professional with strong expertise in sales activities, the recruitment industry, process management & people leadership. She enjoys combining emotional intelligence with drive for bottom line results and has achieved 165% of her financial targets in the first full year of the business integration process.


A conversation with Marianna Suckova, Recruitment Director, Docs Global, by Mike Wood, editor of Spotlight.

Mike Wood caught up with Marianna after she’d taken part in one of the recruiter training sessions at DOCS offices recently. These training sessions are run by Sales Director, Vincent Lody, who has been working in the recruiting and Pharma industry for over 20 years, and account Manager Kelly Tipper - an ex-recruiter herself.

MW:Marianna, do you think the recruiter training sessions were useful to Docs Global?

MS: Definitely. You know, after the course, we made seven placements in seven weeks, that’s quite a good record and I think the training session helped us achieve that. Long may it continue.

MW: Can you identify what made the sessions helpful?

MS: After the course, I think we all felt a much greater sense of ‘ownership’ of our clients and a responsibility to and for them. It was a real ‘back to basics’ thing, and it’s easy to forget that regardless of how technology progresses, it’s a people business. Vince also covered areas of planning which reminded us to consider how clients think and how they plan - and to make sure we contact them at times that work for them. It’s all about relationships, understanding how your clients think, and what helps them.

MW: Yes, you’re right. How useful do you find PharmiWeb in helping to develop and maintain your business?

MS: It’s great actually. I love the Reports and updates from Kelly, she knows how to keep us informed with useful industry tips and information and I’m comfortable that PharmiWeb understands our business more and more and has a good grasp of what we need, and so can help us achieve our goals, as well as keeping us up to date with new technologies, processes and industry trends.

MW:So, would you use our training again, and recommend it to others?

MS: Oh, yes, definitely! Both for new hires and seasoned recruiters. You know, another thing that I mentioned to Kelly is I think since the training the quality of our Docs Global job adverts has improved too and that’s led to increased application rates. That's thanks to the training too.

MW: Great, thanks Marianna, and happy hunting!


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