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The Global Vaccines Market 2008-2023

The Global Vaccines Market 2008-2023


The period 2008-2023 will see a vaccine "boost". There will be a new resurgence in the sales and utilisation of vaccines. Are you prepared for this? You should be.
Last Updated: 27-Aug-2010

During this period, vaccines will be one of the fastest growing segments of the pharmaceutical market. Vaccine revenues will increase in size by several hundred percent between 2007 and 2023. This brand new in-depth report The Global Vaccines Market, 2008-2023 describes trends in the market both quantitatively and qualitatively. In recent years, this global vaccines market has undergone a renaissance, as the importance of vaccines in both developed and developing nations becomes underlined by epidemiological patterns and healthcare needs.
The key growth driver for vaccines is their cost-effectiveness in combating disease. This situation will encourage greater use of vaccines by governments and private healthcare providers. New disease targets that could be mitigated through vaccination, including high profile (and potentially profitable) targets such as cancer. Visiongain notes that many healthcare providers are viewing preventative medicine enthusiastically, being aware of the significant increases in quality of life and reduction of healthcare expenditure that can result from prophylaxis. The vaccines industry is responding with innovative products, making full use of technological advances in biotechnology. This market has great developmental potential, both therapeutically and commercially. There are currently more than 1000 vaccines in research and development worldwide.
In particular, The Global Vaccines Market, 2008-2023 concentrates on the following essential aspects of the vaccine industry:
• Sales forecasts for vaccines by disease area, brand and country, including novel therapeutic vaccines
• Examination of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats facing the vaccine industry
• Expert opinion from key-opinion leaders in the field
• In-depth analysis of the vaccine pipeline
• Analysis of the prospects for therapeutic vaccines
• Geographical breakdown of the vaccine market, including the leading emerging markets of China and India
• Coverage of future trends in vaccine technology, formulation and manufacturing
• Identification of key industrial players in the vaccines market.
The Global Vaccines Market, 2008-2023 examines the vaccines market comprehensively, using unique primary and secondary research. The report includes full transcripts of interview – you cannot get this information anywhere else.
Also included are company reports, filings and industry databases. Exclusively, visiongain have applied their in-house analytical techniques for financial forecasting and analysis of drivers and restraints. Now available to you this comprehensive market-based report with detailed analyses, forecasts and informed opinion is essential to your vaccine market development.
Therapeutic vaccines differ from currently-marketed vaccines. Instead of simply preventing infection from disease, therapeutic vaccines work with the body’s immune system to fight diseases and disorders, including cancer, addiction and allergies. Their therapeutic and commercial potential is vast. Visiongain predicts that therapeutic vaccines will significantly expand the market for vaccines, contributing to rapid revenue growth during the period 2008 to 2023.
Why you should buy this report:
• To receive a comprehensive analysis of the prospects for vaccines, including key metrics and predicted revenues, by vaccine disease area and leading brand
• To receive forecasts of vaccine sales in leading country markets from 2008-2023, including China and India
• To discover the views of experts in the vaccines sector
• To determine the forces that influence the market for vaccines: drivers, restraints, opportunities and threats
• To find out where the vaccines market is heading - both technologically and commercially from 2008 to 2023.
Further unique benefits to you when you order this report:
• Original primary research and analyses - you will not find this information anywhere else
• Packed with charts, analysis, graphs and tables – with analytical forecasts and explanations
• Full searchable report
• Copies can be printed off for offline reading

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