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20-Jul-2020 - 23-Jul-2020

2nd Drug Delivery Conference

  • Location:
    • Dolce CampoReal Lisboa
    • Rua do Campo (Campo Real )
    • 2565-770
    • Portugal
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Building on the success of the first meeting, scientific chairs Cameron Lee (Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research) and Niren Murthy (University of California at Berkeley) will come together again to host the 2nd Drug Delivery Conference. For the 2020 conference they will also be joined by new chair Sanyogitta Puri, Associate Director at AstraZeneca. The meeting takes place from the 20 – 23 July 2020 at the beautiful Dolce CampoReal Lisboa, Portugal.

This second series will focus on the design parameters, synthesis and clinical validation of new drug delivery systems. Drug delivery is rapidly evolving field that is highly interdisciplinary.  In addition, it is now having a significant clinical impact but still with a number of challenges associated with accelerating the pace in transitioning into the clinic.  Recent advances in chemistry, genetics and biochemistry have had a significant impact on drug delivery based therapeutics and this conference will try to make these new developments accessible to a broad audience. The conference aims to bridge the gap between basic science and unmet clinical needs. 

Key Sessions
1) Therapeutic gene editing
a. Fundamentals of gene editing and overview of gene editing modalities (protein, gene, mRNA, viral, etc.)
b. New gene editing modalities
c. Approaches to delivery of therapeutic gene editing modalities – in vivo, ex vivo

2) Extrahepatic delivery of nucleic acids

3) Characterization of therapeutic nanoparticles and control strategies for manufacturing
a. Molecular characterization
b. Physchem characterization
c. Toxicological characterization
d. New methods
e. Case studies from industry

4) New linkers for triggered or controlled release

5) New long acting technologies

6) Tumor targeting with nanoparticles, recent progress and challenges

Chairs will be joined at the conference by Keynote Speakers Patrick Couvreur (Université Paris-Sud) and Marino Zerial (Max Plank Institute). Please visit the conference webpage for the full speaker list and talk titles.