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14-Mar-2019 - 15-Mar-2019

2nd World Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

We gladly invite everyone from everywhere throughout the world to join the gathering of “2nd World Congress on Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine” during the days March 14 and 15, 2019 at London, UK.

Stem cells congress covers the topics from sources, culture, treatments, therapies, transplantation, regeneration, personalized medicine and to its applications like cell plasticity, reprogramming, organ repair, artificial organ, banking and more.

Stem cell research can elevate its height by gathering all the researchers from worldwide who are directly linked with stem cell and regenerative medicine and its allied fields. This conference plays a Global platform for biomedical companies, start-ups, students, professionals, specialists, consultants, doctors and scholars to frame new relationship and strengthen the Knowledge.

Get a chance to reinvent your self and have fun with coffee breaks, lunch session. We open this opportunity to welcome all of you in London, UK and go along with us to have a great sharing of knowledge to lead the future with our logical minutes.

Our motto to organize this conference is to Integrate the Milestones to Improve the Stem cell and Regenerative Medicine to lead a future in better way.

We are very much excited to gather all the great and knowledge people at one place and we are warmly inviting everyone to join with us. Let’s meet in the London city to share our thoughts to have a better tomorrow.
Organizing Committee
Stem Cell Congress 2019