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20-Mar-2019 - 21-Mar-2019

2nd World Nephrology Congress 2019

  • Location:
    • Amsterdam
    • Government of Amsterdam
    • Netherlands
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Meetings International (Meetings Int.) is a worldwide pioneer in creating excellent meetings, gatherings, workshops and symposia in every significant field of science, innovation and solution. Since its beginning, Meetings Int. has been related with national and universal affiliations, companies and abnormal state people, committed to have world class gatherings and occasions. Meetings Int. underpins expansive degree research and associate survey at a wide scope of experts around the globe. The current year's yearly congress features the topic, "Cultivating Innovative Technologies and Contemporary medications in Nephrology" which mirrors the pivotal advance in Nephrology examine.

2nd World Nephrology Congress 2019 is an exceptional occasion which unites a novel and International blend of nephrologists and kidney authorities from driving colleges and research foundations making the gathering an ideal stage to share understanding, encourage cooperation crosswise over industry and the scholarly community, and assess developing innovations over the globe.