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21-Feb-2019 - 24-Feb-2019

4th Drug Discovery Re-Invented Conference, Bahamas, 2019

The fourth Drug Discovery Re-Invented Meeting brings together experts in medicinal chemistry, structure-based drug design, computational chemistry, emerging drug targets, and novel technology platforms. The meeting is extremely interactive with enthusiastic question and answer sessions following each talk.  This meeting remains unique with respect to the breadth of participants and focus on new approaches to discovering drugs. With large pharma reducing investment in internal early stage research, drug pipelines will increasingly be filled by alternative sources. These players include: government, academic labs, non-profits, biotech companies, and pharmaceutical "open innovation" models.

Key Sessions
New Approaches in Biotech, Academia, and Pharma
New Screening Technologies and Drug Targets
Structure, Modeling, and Fragment-based Design
Government and Non-profit Sector in Drug Discovery and Development
Importance of CROs in Supporting the Virtual Drug Discovery Model
Emerging Pharmacological Targets
Industry Exhibit

Scientific chairs: Bill Kinney (Enterin Inc.) and Charles Reynolds (GFree Bio, LLC)



Time: 14:00 to 12:00

Speakers: Vicky Steadman (Selcia Ltd), Jay Wrobel (FCCDC), Andrew Cole (Arbutus Bio), Vicki Feher (Schrodinger), Ted Price (CerSci Therapeutics), Christopher Savile (Intrexon), Bart DeCorte (Merachem), Matt Todd (Blumberg Institute)