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19-Jun-2019 - 20-Jun-2019

4th International Nephrology and Urology Conference

International Nephrology & Urology Conference that's scheduled to be held on June 19-20, 2019 in Osaka, Japan. Nephrology 2019 mainly focuses on novel researches, discoveries and academic processes to decorate gaining knowledge and exploring the recent innovations and discoveries in Nephrology & Urology.

The targeted facts will be the systemic conditions that have an effect on the kidneys and systemic troubles that arise because of kidney issues. This annual conference highlights the theme “Meeting the Challenges and Innovations in Nephrology and Urology”. Nephrology & Urology conventions designed to offer complete platform wherein global-class Professors, Doctors, Scientists, Student researcher and Analyst to talk about techniques for diagnosis and control of kidney related issues. Nephrology & Urology conference intends to offer diverse and drift education so as to hold medicinal experts side by means of facet of the issues influencing the avoidance, finding and treatment of subject matter associated with Nephrology and Urology. The key strategic objective of Meetings International is to communicate science and medical research between academia, and industry.