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27-Mar-2018 - 30-Dec-2022

Big Data Hadoop Training | Hadoop Certification Online - Simpliv

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Today, Big Data seems to be on everyone’s minds. Big Data, Internet of Things…these are strong terms in IT that have already made a mark on technology all around the world, and will surely continue to do so in the years to come. Have you wondered what is it that powers these ultra-powerful technologies? It is Hadoop.

In simple terms, Hadoop is a Java based open source programming framework that supports extremely massive amounts of data sets and helps to distribute them within a set environment. Part of Apache Software Foundation’s Apache project; Hadoop’s core feature is the ability to run applications on systems with the help of thousands of what are called nodes.

These nodes interact with each other at a frenetic speed and exchange and transmit data through their distributed file systems. This helps the system to not only distribute enormous amounts of data between themselves; it also helps to preserve data even in the event of a failure of a node. This reduces largescale damage that could arise from failures.

This explains its suitability and relevance to Big Data and IoT. Hadoop facilitates application of other crucial business-related areas like analytics, business intelligence and sales. Hadoop can be a challenging career for those who are motivated by how to aid in business and technological decision-making.

If you are one of those students or professionals who love to explore Hadoop for Big Data, IoT or any of the areas mentioned here, Simpliv, a learning platform for the widest range of topics that anyone can learn, has courses for you. Hadoop courses from Simpliv are taught by accomplished experts who are sought-after for their professional expertise and skills. No matter at which level of learning or application of Hadoop you are at: beginner, intermediate or advanced; Simpliv has courses at all these levels. Join in to enhance your understanding of Hadoop and take big steps in your career.


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