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04-Nov-2020 - 06-Nov-2020

CRAACO: Clinical Research as a Care Option

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CRAACO is guided by a dedicated group of advisors from pharma, healthcare, patients and patient advocacy who are passionate about providing patients with the best possible options. With four years of experience gathering the clinical research and healthcare communities together, CRAACO has the most experience addressing the value, opportunities, and challenges to integrating clinical research as a care option for the benefit of patients.

The 2020 agenda features examples of overcoming challenges in integrating clinical research in a clinical care setting through:

Raising Awareness and Changing Culture
Infrastructure and Operations
Financial Barriers and Payors
Regulatory Considerations

Dedicated to Accomplishing 5 Goals:

1. To bring together a variety of health systems nationwide, pharma, patient advocacy, payors, regulators, change agents and innovators to chart a path forward integrating clinical care with clinical research options.
2. To demonstrate several different examples from the view of health systems on where they are in this journey as there is no gold standard best practice.
3. To demonstrate tools to integrate clinical trials into health systems to all parties with access to relevant information and care options.
4. To identify ways to reduce the barriers and burden to clinicians, research investigators and patients to participate in the evolving, expanding and important clinical research.
5. To encourage continued forward movement, inspire further action and unite like-minded individuals and organizations.