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26-Apr-2020 - 29-Apr-2020

EFI 2020: The 34th European Immunogentics and Histocompatibility Conference

  • Location:
    • SEC Centre
    • Exhibition Way
    • Glasgow
    • Glasgow City
    • G3 8YW
    • United Kingdom
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The annual EFI Conference is a key meeting for clinical/biomedical scientists, technologists, medical staff and researchers working in the field of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics. Topics covered at the meeting include the relevance of HLA and non HLA systems in solid organ and HSC transplantation, HLA and other genetic systems in transfusion and disease, population genetics and MHC evolution, cellular therapies, antigen presentation, tolerance induction, autoimmunity etc. The meeting is an opportunity to interact with scientists and companies working in the field of H&I to progress scientific and clinical developments.

Topics being covered include:-
HSCT And Solid Organ Transplantation
NK cells in Medicine
Cell therapies/Regenerative Medicine
Foetal/Maternal Immunology