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21-Nov-2019 - 21-Nov-2019

Fundamentals of RWE for Optimising Market Access


  1. The fundamental concepts and principles for utilising Real World Evidence (RWE) towards optimising Market Access.
  2. The terminology used within the world of RWE, such as the difference between Real World Evidence and Real World Data (RWD).
  3. Why RWE is important to payers, physicians and pharma and how to tailor the evidence to their specific needs.
  4. The common sources of data available for RWE and how to assess the robustness of the data.
  5. The critical success factors when developing a RWE study.
  6. How to effectively incorporate RWE into product launch decisions.

Additional Benefits

  • To reinforce peer learning, the experts will use a small pre-course questionnaire (by email) and audio response devices during the day to actively engage the whole audience throughout the course.
  • Real-life case studies will be used to illustrate the theory and/or to facilitate interactive exercises.

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