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16-Oct-2019 - 17-Oct-2019

Global Summit on Data mining, Big Data and Machine Learning

Data Mining 2019 organised by Lexis Group of Conferences going to be held in Paris, France during October 16-17, 2019 is aimed at the theme “Data Mining Trends and Machine Learning Challenges”. The conference covers all aspects of Data mining, Machine learning and Big data facilitating a common platform for international professionals and people across the world interested in Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning Exploration.

Sessions include but are not limited to:

Data Mining and Machine Learning, Data Mining Applications in Science Engineering, Healthcare and Medicine, Data Mining analysis, Big Data technologies, Big Data in Nursing Research, Big Data Applications, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Cloud computing E-commerce, Machine Learning Applications, Machine Learning in Bioinformatics, Deep learning, The Future of Big Data vs Machine Learning, Machine Learning Algorithms, Domain Driven Data Mining, Multimodal deep learning, Theory of deep learning, Generative models, Robot Learning, Quantum Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Data Visualization, Oracle Data Mining, Multimedia Forensic Data Analysis, Statistical Learning, Pattern Recognition, BioData Mining, Life Data Analysis, Knowledge Processing, Data Mining in Logistics, Data Mining in Marketing, Fraud Detection

The scientific program will be fully integrated with interactive sessions, symposia, workshops as well as the presentation of oral and posters addressing all areas of Data Mining and Machine learning.

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Jessica Jones

Communication Manager

Data Mining 2019