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19-Mar-2019 - 21-Mar-2019

ICO-IO Combinations Summit 2019

  • Location:
    • Huntington Avenue
    • Boston
    • Suffolk County
    • 5730
    • United States
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Advancing ICI-containing IO-combination therapies is central to getting the full therapeutic benefit out of ICIs. Selecting the right combination partners and strategies are essential to the making the correct decision.

This industry-led meeting will focus on how the response rate to checkpoint combinations can be enhanced to impact every stage of the cancer immunity cycle, as well as shed light on the specific challenges that come with combining IO therapies with ICIs.

Through interactive workshops, panel discussions and round tables, this is a great opportunity to gain practical implementable insight into IO combo development strategy.

*Early bird bookings and group discounts are available upon request. Visit our website for the full pricing list.