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12-Jun-2019 - 12-Jun-2019

Identifying Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies: Challenges and Strategies

Diagnostic test accuracy studies are receiving increasing attention, but are challenging to identify efficiently and reliably. As well as health care professionals seeking information on best evidence on test accuracy, there is also a growing requirement for systematic study identification to inform systematic reviews and technology assessments of diagnostic tests and techniques. The growing number of diagnostic test accuracy reviews is an important resource for the practice of evidence-based health care.

This training day will provide an introduction to the key features of diagnostic test accuracy studies to provide insight into retrieval challenges. This will be followed by an overview of the research evidence on search approaches to identify diagnostic studies and the key current resources available to find studies and reviews. In this fast-moving research area we will explore current searching guidance and highlight key critical appraisal tools for assessing diagnostic test accuracy studies. There will be time to explore and test strategies and resources.