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02-Jun-2019 - 02-Jul-2019

Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research Summit

Proactive, Scalable Solutions for IISR Program Development, Negotiations and Results Reporting

CBI’s Investigator Initiated Sponsored Research Summit is the only annual event dedicated exclusively to helping you and your organization improve your IISR programs by providing innovative and forward-thinking approaches to support collaborative partnerships, address budgeting and contracting challenges, improve data management and quality assurance and integrate best practices in clinical operations.

Now in its 7th year, this summit offers new workshops, multi stakeholder panel discussions, SOPs, best practices and technical solutions for managing your rapidly evolving IIT portfolio.


Understand principle investigator needs and timelines to
establish longitudinal roadmaps for clinical trials

Learn how to become the partner of choice for
principle investigators

Network and benchmark with peers on best practices for
managing inter-organization partnerships

Examine innovative strategies and tools for streamlining
processes and expectations

Navigate complexities of budgeting and contracting for
global IISRs

Evaluate multi-enterprise Fair Market Value standards

Respond to recent guidance for government-funded