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14-May-2019 - 14-May-2019

Making an Economic Case to the NHS

The Five Year Forward View in 2014 set out the challenges facing the NHS in England in the coming years, namely ensuring the ongoing delivery of high quality care for patients in the face of constrained funding and ever increasing demand. The same challenges exist in the rest of the UK and health care commissioners and providers are working out how to address these issues at national and local levels.

The NHS needs to redesign the way in which services are provided and initiatives such as the New Models of Care Vanguard programme and Sustainability and Transformation Plans are in place to help with this. Many new service redesign initiatives are being piloted and rolled out across the UK. In making a case for service redesign, it is crucial that NHS providers and commissioners understand the economic impact of the changes that are proposed.

This one-day course is aimed at NHS commissioners and providers and private sector organisations who need to understand how to make an economic case for change to the NHS. The training day aims to provide an understanding of the NHS economic context along with an introduction to health economics. The course will explore the use and development of economic models, including return on investment and how the results can be used in business cases. It will also provide practical experience in developing and critiquing business cases.