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This 5 day course has been designed for Medical Affairs professionals from pharma and biotech companies to learn together. The role of medical is moving at pace from one of support to one of leadership. The module topics in this course have been specifically chosen based on recommendations from senior medics with extensive pharmaceutical industry experience.

What will be covered?

  • What is strategy development and why is it important for the Medical Affairs function?
  • Insight generation and the leadership role of Medical Affairs
  • The role of Medical Affairs in shaping the Brand Plan
  • Building a tactical multichannel Medical Affairs Plan

Who is the course for?

All pharmaceutical and biotech industry employees in the Medical Affairs function

Learning outcomes

  • Review what strategy and strategic thinking are and why they are important to the medical function
  • Understand the difference between data/information and insights
  • Review the annual Brand Planning cycle that exists across the Pharmaceutical industry at global and local levels
  • Understand the range of tactics available in a medical affairs plan across digital, hybrid and face to face channels
  • Understand the critical role that medical play in engaging externally to share scientific information

The experiential training offers a safe space within the group for It is supported by content and publications on the role of the medical team in industry articles, publications and with the latest business models and thinking, and facilitated by expert Uptake Strategies’ facilitators.