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11-Apr-2019 - 12-Apr-2019

Nasal Drug Delivery

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This conference gives a comprehensive review within the field of nasal drug delivery while reviewing interesting new data and innovative technologies.

Conference overview

How difficult is it to bring all these products to market? What makes nasal delivery systems more challenging than solid dosage forms? How safe is nasal drug delivery? Are there such things as safe excipients? How does all this fit within the regulatory environment in Europe and the USA? This conference seeks to explore these and other questions within the field of nasal drug delivery while reviewing interesting new data and innovative technologies. Leading authorities in nasal drug delivery will cover relevant aspects of nasal physiology, anatomy, absorption of a variety of drugs, in various phases of drug development, and new drugs entering the market. In addition, the conference will discuss nasal delivery to the sinuses and interesting case histories.

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Who should attend

Managing directors, medical directors, head of regulatory affairs and quality assurance, senior executives in research and development, registration, marketing and all departments that may be involved in nasal drug delivery, or who wish to understand the potential of this alternative therapeutic route. Those already involved in Nasal Drug Delivery will benefit from updating their knowledge and sharing experiences with some of the leading practitioners in this field. If you are involved in nasal drug delivery or are just considering the potential, this conference is an excellent route to understanding all aspects from the basic physiology through to launching a successful product.

Three reasons to attend

  1. Gain an update on the very latest scientific developments and technology advances in this field.
  2. Hear from an unrivalled panel of expert speakers.
  3. An excellent networking opportunity to build business relationships.