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18-Nov-2020 - 18-Nov-2020

New Ways of Evaluating the Tumor Immune Microenvironment: From Bench to Bedside

T-cell redirecting therapies with gene-engineered CAR T-cells and T-cell engaging bispecific antibodies (bsAb) are showing promising results in clinical trials. To guide precision immunotherapy, other factors should also be taken into consideration, including greater availability of immune targets and compounds with different modes of action during the development of new biomarkers, and determinants of response and resistance to a specific regimen.

In this technical session, Creative Biolabs invited Dr. Bruno Paiva to give us a clearer understanding of novel immunotherapies and the combined methods to be applied in the research of tumorigenesis and drug development.

Key webinar highlights:

  • Recognizing the "friend or foe" relationship between (blood) cancer and immunity
  • Leveraging on the immunotherapies for malignant and nonmalignant (hematological) tumors
  • Need for next-generation immune monitoring