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02-Mar-2020 - 03-Mar-2020

Patient Partnering in Clinical Development

How to best integrate patients into your strategies and operations in clinical development – Step III

Important milestones are reached for patient-oriented trials! 
The third Patient Partnering in Clinical Development (PPCD) conference will present and discuss approaches with patients, their advocates, study nurses, physicians, industry partners and all stakeholders involved on 2-3 March 2020 at Berlin.

Strong awareness about the need of patient engagement was built up in the last decade. Now we have the first implementation of regulations at the FDA, the European Medicines Agency and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. We have to learn to execute clinical research at its best with patients in mind in the first place. We have new roles in pharma and the CRO industry who help to put in place the requirements to streamline and optimize all the efforts around the trials. 
Important changes are linked to the voice of patients who become experts of their disease and to the digital technologies that needs to be created around the patients and physicians. 

The new trials very often include hand-held data capture where applicable, home nursing and logistic support keeping in mind that in some diseases and pediatric indications very often the whole family is involved in the successful participation in the trial. 
Therefore, the motto of the future is “Bring the trial to the patient instead of making the patient come to the trial”.

The 2020 edition of PPCD is offering a training workshop on blockchain applications in clinical research as part of the agenda to see how it is improving transparency, traceability and quality.

Speaker presentations, panel discussions and the interactive workshop will share thoughts on:

-Blockchain applications
-Early phase development
-Clinical Development and operations 
-Regulatory aspects

Scientific Board:

Nancy Meyerson-Hess - Expert Advisor admedicum Business for Patients and Chief Compliance and Regulatory Officer eMQT 
Raphaela Schnurbus - Clinical Research Solutions Management and Business Development Director at Premier Research 
Doris Christiane Schmitt - Consultant for patient communication and Member of the leading team EUPATI, Germany

Who should attend?

The conference is addressed to all Professionals working around the clinical trial from early onset up to late stage development and market authorization: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, Clinical Research Organizations, Academic Centres, Hospital Centres, Patient Associations and Clinical Technology companies with a strong interest in integrating patient experts into their strategies and operations in healthcare development.