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19-Mar-2019 - 20-Mar-2019

Patient Partnering in Clinical Development

The second Patient Partnering in Clinical Development (PPCD) conference will take place on 19-20 March 2019 and will continue to explore the role of patients in clinical development.

The consequences of the new GDPR that came into force in May 2018 are yet to be seen. 
This new positioning of patients and how the industry needs to adapt to it, given that patients are going to have a stronger say in how, what and why their data is collected and processed, will surely give the industry a further wake-up call. Not only would patients have rights to demand access to their data, but they would also have the decision power to have their data removed or cancelled from records.

Nowadays the engagement with patients is increasing, not limited to the pharmaceutical industry, but also from regulatory authorities such as the FDA, the European Medicines Agency and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, where they are invited to provide their perspectives and advice during the decision-making process.

As they are involved in all stages of the drug life cycle, more than ever we’ll have to involve patients as active stakeholders in drug development.

Speaker presentations and an interactive workshop will share thoughts on:

  • Real World Evidence
  • Regulatory aspects and compliance
  • Recruitment and retention solutions
  • Trial designs
  • Challenges and milestones
  • Success stories

Scientific Board:

Nancy Meyerson-Hess - Associate Partner at admedicum Business for Patients
Raphaela Schnurbus - Clinical Solutions Director at OPIS