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15-Oct-2019 - 15-Oct-2019

Personalising Patient Experiences Using Behavioural Science


  1. The drivers of patient health behaviours (e.g. non-adherence to medication).
  2. How to identify and interpret specific individual drivers of health behaviours.
  3. Actionable steps to design or enhance personalised solutions that address these drivers.
  4. Identify strategic behavioural change opportunities that contribute to commercial brand outcomes and optimise healthcare resource utilisation.
  5. How to design and develop personalised interventional content that engages all stakeholders.
  6. Understand the application of digital technology for delivering personalised, scalable support experiences.
  7. Dos & don’ts for managing regulatory restrictions, effective enrolment and regional implementation.

Additional Benefits

  • You will have the unique opportunity to interact face-to-face with Prof. John Weinman, one of the world’s leading experts on improving patient adherence.
  • The programme includes an interactive session during which you can discuss the challenges you are facing in your current patient/caregiver/HCP support solution(s).

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