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16-Jul-2020 - 16-Jul-2020

Prefilled Syringe Elastomer Components - High-quality Solutions for Sensitive Molecules

Date: 16 July 2020

Time: 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 9am EDT

Location: WEBINAR

HOSTED BY: West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

LED BY: Christa Jansen-Otten

Director, Product Management, Prefilled Systems & Delivery West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

 Whitney Winters, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing and container Systems, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Join the experts on this free exclusive webinar on the 16th July 2020 at 2pm BST, hosted by West Pharmaceutical Services and will cover new elastomer component leading with innovation excellence developed to address the ever-increasing demands.

Discussing the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry driven towards components being essentially free of particulate and meeting customer demand for consistency by assuring dimensional stability.


  • Current trends in the market for injectable drug delivery
  • Learn about the challenges for companies developing drug products in a prefillable syringe system
  • Trends towards home care treatments by using innovative device technology

Join the experts on this interactive 1-hour webinar to


  • Quality Managers
  • Heads of Quality
  • Manufacturing/Operations Managers
  • Heads of Manufacturing/Operations
  • Heads of Fill-Finish
  • Fill-Finish Manager
  • R&D scientists
  • Formulation scientists
  • CMC regulatory
  • Packaging engineers
  • Engineers and Managers in Device Development and all other technical functions surrounding syringe systems
  • Clinical and commercial Drug Product Manufacturing
  • Formulation scientists
  • Laboratory scientific staff and managers
  • Parenteral manufacturing staff
  • Sterility Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory affairs scientists
  • Pharmaceutical packaging component manufacturing staff


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Pharmaceutical Division - SMi Group Ltd
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