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07-Oct-2020 - 07-Oct-2020

Pulsed x-ray technology & smart optics for a total inspection of pre-fillable syringe cannulas and needle shields

Date: 7 October 2020


Location: WEBINAR




General Manager, HEUFT USA Inc

Dan McKee is the General Manager of HEUFT USA. He has spent 25 years working with high-speed quality control inspection equipment in the packaging industry. In doing so, he’s become well versed in non-destructive techniques for testing a wide variety of package attributes using technologies as diverse as x-ray imaging, capacitive gauging, inductive profiling, and various vision techniques. His responsibilities have included commissioning inspection devices within a wide variety of production environments, specifying devices to satisfy customers’ application conditions and working with R&D to customize equipment to conform to his customers’ unique challenges. Dan now leads HEUFT’s sales and service organization for the United States and Canada.

Dan Received his BSEE from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1993, and a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) in 2001 from Northwestern University.


Pharmaceutical Sales Engineer, HEUFT USA Inc

Ronald Turn joined Heuft USA in 2019 as the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Ron has spent the past 10 years in a technical sales roll selling different varieties of Capital Analytical Research Instrumentation to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Chemistry, and Life Sciences industries. Ron also has worked for two major Pharmaceutical companies as an Analytical Chemist. With the combination of sales experience and Scientific knowledge, Ron is responsible for everything related to the Pharmaceutical portfolio offered by Heuft USA.

Ron Received his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Western Illinois University in 2008.

Webinar overview:

The pulsed X-ray detection module from HEUFT identifies numerous safety and integrity defects of pre-fillable syringes after the caps have been applied with unrivaled low radiation. The HEUFT Syringer detects non-conformities that would normally be invisible to a camera system such as needle shields (both SNS & RNS) pierced by the hypodermic needle, deformed cannulas or incorrectly assembled, defective or leaking luer-lock screw adapters and tamper evident closures of disposable syringes.

The compact detection unit can be enhanced with innovative smart optics for detecting needle hooks which complement the unique pulsed X-ray technology for a careful and precise pre-fillable syringe inspection. An intelligent color sensor camera, developed by HEUFT, examines the tiny needle tips from above before the protective covers have been added. The special light dispersion of the adaptive LED lighting used for this purpose ensures that even the smallest faults become visible.

The HEUFT Syringer is extremely compact and very easy to integrate into packaging machines for such pre-fillable injection instruments.

During this Webinar, Information will be shared about the Heuft Syringer such as design features, functionality, implementation, and benefits of using the HEUFT Syringer to assure only quality pre-filled syringes reach the market.


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  • R&D scientists
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