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10-Dec-2019 - 11-Dec-2019

The Strategic e-Medical Affairs Course


  1. The landscape, opportunities and trends of digital communications in Medical Affairs’ ecosystem.
  2. Conceptually understand how digital communication technologies work.
  3. How to assess and compare the impact of the different communication channels on physicians and patients.
  4. How to design a multichannel innovation strategy for Medical Affairs (MA) in 6 steps.
  5. Best practices, cases studies, dos & don’ts of Med Ed, social media, mobile applications, etc.
  6. How to integrate digital initiatives in the MA mix while respecting legal and regulatory guidelines.
  7. Which KPIs to use to assess the success of your multi-channel MA activities.

Additional Benefits

  • Receive Across Health’s book 'Delighting Pharma Customers in the Omnichannel Age'.
  • Benchmark your digital activities against other companies and learn from other MA executives how to overcome some of the challenges you are facing.

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