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19-Aug-2019 - 19-Aug-2019

Using the Calendar and Tasks for Greater Productivity


Are you tired of coming to the end your office hours just to find you can't leave because of unfinished work? Or a project deadline that was pushed aside for urgent demands by a manager or team members? Do you see your personal life being put on the back burner? If so, attend this webinar and learn how to pack your day with greater productivity by using the Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Tasks Folders to organize your appointments, meetings, private work time, tasks and projects. You'll be equipped to take control of important work details and stay on top of coming deadlines. The tips and tricks for using Microsoft Outlook presented in the webinar take you beyond just using Outlook as an email tool. Email in Outlook is only about 15% of the power of the software. This webinar will teach you to synergistically use the Tasks and Calendar so you use the other 85% of Outlook to your advantage. You will make Outlook work for you to increase your productivity a big boost to career success. Sign up your entire team and watch morale improve as team members work hard together during the day and walk out the door with you at the right time to find fulfillment in their personal lives.

Why should you attend?

In this program you will see Outlook as a partner in your productivity, not just a piece of software on your computer. You'll learn how to

  • Use the Tasks folder

  • Differentiate between the To-Do List, the To-Do Bar, and the Tasks folder

  • Use the Outlook Calendar to pace daily productivity

  • Prioritize and keep track of all assignments and goals

  • Keep on top of all delegated initiatives

If you are serious about getting more done in less time, this is a "don't miss" webinar.

Areas Covered in the Session:

The focus of this instruction is specifically how to use the Calendar and the Tasks in tandem to get your work done on time and still leave time for a personal life. 
You'll learn how to use the calendar for:

  • Managing daily work flow, not just a way to keep track of appointments and meetings

  • Estimating the time a task will take to complete

  • Keeping track of project deadlines

  • Ensuring you keep track of personal "life balance" activities

  • Using Categories to help you sort information

  • Using the "All day event" designation for your advantage

You'll also be given a tutorial on using Outlook Tasks to

  • Prioritize assigned tasks and projects

  • Create new folders for complex tasks

  • Organize details of assigned tasks

  • Capture all details of every project

  • Ensure assignments do not slip through the cracks

Who can Benefit:

This time and technology webinar has broad appeal and is instructive for all employees who want to be more productive. This webinar is a critical element of productivity for:

  • Administrative personnel

  • Team leaders

  • Team members

  • Project managers

  • Engineers

  • Managers at all levels of the company

  • Executives

  • Sales professionals

  • Sales managers

  • Customer service personnel

  • Employees who use Microsoft Outlook for just email


Karla Brandau is a leading authority on leadership for a more productive workforce. She has educated managers with her proven leadership systems in companies such as Motorola, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Panasonic, and BYD America. Over 85% of the organizations who hire her, invite her back for repeat engagements. Karla is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) which is an earned designation given by National Speakers Association. Only 8% of their membership has received this designation. She graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in education. Her new book to be published in the spring of 2016 is "Discretionary Effort Leadership." She is also the author of "Wake Up The Winner Inside" and "101 Time Management Tips for Busy Professionals." She writes a monthly informational newsletter, maintains a blog, and has authored many articles. As she speaks for top corporations and associations worldwide, people use high-content, high-energy and highly professional to describe this experienced industry veteran.



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