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Health Hope Releases Healthy Products and Upgrades its Ego System to Become AI Healthy Medical Intelligent Brain

Health Hope Releases Healthy Products and Upgrades its Ego System to Become AI Healthy Medical Intelligent Brain

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BEIJING, July 30, 2018

BEIJING, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Beijing Health Hope Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Health Hope") held the "Science and Technology Leads the Future Health - 2018 Health Hope Products Press Conference" on July 24, which was attended by many industry leaders, partners, representatives of well-known enterprises and mainstream media.

In the Opinions on Promoting the Development of "Internet + Medical Health" released by the State Council in April this year, it was clearly proposed to develop a decision-making support system for clinical diagnosis and treatment based on artificial intelligence (AI), and carry out the application of intelligent voice technology in intelligent medical image recognition, pathological classification, multidisciplinary consultation and various medical and health scenarios. AI ushered in the outbreak period again in the health care field, and the idea that "AI will take the lead in the health care field" has become the consensus of the industry. More and more enterprises have begun to increase the depth and breadth of the distribution of AI in this field.

Zhou Bin, Chief Technical Officer of Health AI of Health Hope, Zhou Xiaodong, Chief MR scientist of Health Hope, Wang Zhimin, Chairman of Foemosa Eyeware, Wan Min, General Manager of Community Business Department of Fuxing Kangyang Group, Wu Xiaoyi, Chief Medical Officer of Penguin Doctor, and Yin Feng, founder of Coffee Wing attended the event and participated in the on-site release. It is reported that in this press conference, it released the latest achievements of ego2.0 system of Health Hope, the Health AI - an open platform for health care technology, the Health RT - a health medical robot technology platform, the Health MR - a health medicine mixed reality open platform, and Laughing Smart Health Cup of cutting-edge technology that is set to be popular were released.

Li Yuxin, founder of Health Hope, said at the conference that, "In the future, Health Hope will revolve around family, enterprise, community, hospital and other scenes to gradually occupy the entrance of AI in the field of health care, build a digital platform, make AI ubiquitous, and bring transparent and immersive experience." As a famous entrepreneur of the post-80s generation and a successful serial entrepreneur, Li Yuxin has founded many famous enterprises such as FMCG, Management Consulting and Financial Investment. In 2014, she founded Health Hope and launched the industrial layout of "artificial intelligence + health care" field. Health Hope, as the first enterprise to apply AI to health management, has become a leading technology leader in the field of health care in China after four years of development. Led by Li Yuxin, the team has successfully built a number of leading health technology service platforms in the industry with the effective combination of AI and human life data, accelerated the technology enablement of the health care sector, led the industrial upgrading, changed the scene of human health life and made health ubiquitous.

Ego upgrades to 2.0 version and Changes into AI Health Care Intelligent Brain

The ego 2.0 system released by Health Hope has become the highlight of this conference. The ego1.0 system focuses on health management, while its 2.0 system goes deep into the medical field, covering the three stages of pre-illness consultation, in-illness treatment and post-illness rehabilitation, forming a complete "guided consultation, inquiry, detection, diagnosis, treatment, execution and follow-up" disease management closed-loop. The ego2.0 system has made great progress in guided consultation, consultation and auxiliary diagnosis. It can realize intelligent guided consultation, voice case, auxiliary diagnosis and other related services based on man-machine interaction, as well as medication guidance and MR assisted surgery scheme and so on.

The ego 2.0 system has not only carried out in-depth research and improvement in health and disease management, but also made rapid progress in the core technologies of AI. For example, in machine vision, multi-object detection and multi-object recognition have been realized. In terms of three dimensional reconstruction, accurate three dimensional reconstruction of human body and face with ordinary camera and depth camera is realized, with an error of less than 2 mm.

Moreover, the construction of the health care knowledge base of ego 2.0 system has also made a breakthrough, and the food database has expanded to 1 million. There are 2,400 items in the sports library, covering all forms of exercise and rehabilitation. At the same time, the number of health knowledge entities has reached 1 million; the disease knowledge map has taken shape, and the number of entities has exceeded 500,000, which can support the diagnosis and treatment of diseases related to traditional Chinese and western medicine. The ego 2.0 system has been transformed from a large platform system into an "intelligent brain" oriented to the field of health care. Health Hope is trying to make it the most intelligent health medical brain in the world.

All Three Platforms are Launched and Health Care is Deployed in an All-round Way

With the gradual promotion of the policy, the health care sector will undoubtedly face another major storm. AI empowers every link of health care and promotes the efficiency of practical application layer. On this road, there are not only leaders with a strong layout, but also many participants in the subdivision. As a strategic platform company, Health Hope has quietly completed the construction and layout of several platform level products.

At the scene, Zhou Bin, Chief Technical Officer of Health AI of Health Hope, released Health AI, an open platform of Health care AI technology. This platform is an AI technology open platform launched by the ego 2.0 system on the basis of a powerful deep learning supercomputing platform. Through SDK, API and H5, it can empower smart terminals, health care information system, App and small programs, etc. At present, Health AI has covered AI application skill services in two major fields of health and medical care, providing one-stop comprehensive solutions and services for the health care needs of various industries.

At the same time, Health MR, an open platform of mixed reality of health care and Health RT, a healthcare robot technology platform, were also released. The Health MR released by Zhou Xiaodong, Chief MR scientist of Health Hope, is based on AR, VR and MR technologies, and it can provide medical auxiliary teaching, medical assisted surgery, medical data visualization, and pharmacological response visualization technology and related technology and product services, which greatly improves the diagnosis and treatment level and clinical effect of the health care.

The Health RT platform can output medical professional skills to provide users with unlimited possibilities. It provides one-stop open technology through the basic ability of AI auxiliary diagnosis such as medical knowledge map, diagnosis model, disease understanding, famous doctor expert database and outpatient hospital department database accumulated in the medical field and so on. Skill developers can also develop skills to reach their products and services into vertical medical subdivision scenarios.

Laughing Intelligent Cup Breaks the Imagination and Becomes the Cutting-edge Technology Product that is Set to be Popular

Another highlight of the event was Yin Feng, the founder of Coffee Wing, who released the country's first intelligent audible water glass that can speak - the intelligent healthy water cup Laughing. This water cup may redefine the standards of the water cup in the intelligent age, which is expected to become the hot style product of cutting-edge technology. It takes the lead in using NLP technology on the water cup. Through human-computer voice interaction, it can conduct health question answering and follow-up answering, and become a close health assistant. It can also be a personal secretary with health reminders, event reminders and other functions.

In terms of design and configuration, the smart health water cup Laughing adopts the design of white cup body, which is fashionable and simple. The bladder uses Tritan Copolyester (no BPA) to ensure safe drinking. It is compatible with android and iSO systems, and has OLED display screen, bluetooth 5.0, wireless charging, GPRS and other configurations. In addition, it can also get rid of the control of mobile APP and become a real smart terminal water cup. Through the AI technology it carries, it can realize the function of health question answering, health monitoring intelligent alert, intelligent voice assistant and so on. It is reported that the intelligent health cup Laughing will go live in shock at the end of September.

Two Big Ceremonies Were Carried Out to Bring Health Hope to Unite Many Enterprises to Promote the Industry

In order to contribute to the national strategy of "building together, sharing together and promoting health for all" in the Outline of the "Healthy China 2030" Plan, and to promote the in-depth integration of AI and health care, Health Hope and People's Health have reached in-depth cooperation, and signed a contract at the press conference site. The launch ceremony of the "2030 Digital Health Management Center" was also held at the conference site.

It is understood that the cooperation between Health Hope and People's Health will open up the great health industry chain through the digital health management of the whole people and implement the closed-loop digital health management project. A borderless digital health service network will be built and the fragmented health management service industry, medical care industry and medicine industry will be integrated into an overall health comprehensive ecology.

"2030 Digital Health Management Center" is an entity terminal of offline digital and personalized experiential health care management services, which combines the theories and knowledge systems of health care professionals with AI, IOT and cloud computing technologies. It has health assessment products and services such as gene testing, multi-group testing, etc. It also has medical services for health management, such as health risk assessment, disease prediction and prevention, chronic disease management and surveillance. In the future, it will cooperate with more industrial research institutions, enterprises, institutions and social organizations to cover the whole population's health.

In the future, there will be more breakthroughs in the field of AI and more social responsibilities to be burdened in the field of health care. At the same time, Health Hope will accelerate the integration of AI and the real economy through technology enablement to promote the upgrading of health care industry and bring the industry into the intelligent era.

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