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Aya Healthcare Launches Industry's First Clinical Ladder Program for Travel Nurses

SAN DIEGO, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Aya Healthcare, the company transforming healthcare staffing and workforce solutions nationally, recently launched the first-ever clinical ladder program for travel nurses. The Aya Scholars Program defines pathways for professional development which allow nurses to simultaneously further their career and enjoy travel nursing.

"It's important for us to offer continuous career development for our clinicians while ensuring the best patient care for our clients," said Alan Braynin, President and CEO of Aya Healthcare.

For many travel nurses, professional development often stops during travel assignments. Many seek new locations and adventure and hospitals hesitate to invest in travelers because of their short time at each facility. Through advanced education and evidence-based training, the Aya Scholars Program aims to help travelers climb the clinical ladder and enjoy the excitement of travel nursing.

"We're thrilled to promote professional development among the travel nurse population," said VP of Clinical Services, April Hansen. "This program allows our best-of-the-best travelers to take their career to the next level while simultaneously enhancing the patient care they provide."

The Aya Scholars Program includes three tiers and encompasses activities such as completing 10 CE hours in value-based care education in partnership with the Galen Center for Professional Development, participating in professional organizations and completing hands-on evidence-based projects that impact nursing practice in the traveler's current unit.

"With many millennial nurses traveling for longer periods of time, we would be doing a disservice to the nursing profession if we didn't invest in them," added Hansen. "With the Aya Scholars Program, they no longer have to choose between professional development and traveling."

The Aya Scholars Program has rolling admissions with cohorts starting the first Monday of every month. For eligibility information, or to request complete program details, visit:

About Aya Healthcare

Aya Healthcare is reimagining healthcare staffing and workforce solutions across the United States. We are the largest privately held travel nurse and workforce solutions provider and deliver solutions for all aspects of healthcare staffing including locums, allied health and just-in-time local staff. The company continues to experience rapid growth as it reshapes the healthcare workforce landscape through its transformative use of technology including its cloud-based MSP solution and real-time Shifts app for per diem clinicians. Aya's platform provides access to one of the largest sources of contract clinicians in the country, which improves efficiency, increases quality and reduces costs for healthcare systems. To learn more about Aya Healthcare, visit

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Last Updated: 31-Jul-2018