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Healthhope ego 2.0 System Realizes Holistic Upgrade - A New Era of AI+ Health and Medical Treatment

BEIJING, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On July 24, Beijing Healthhope Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Healthhope") held "Technology Guides Health – 2018 Healthhope Product Launch Conference", which introduced the ego 2.0 system, three platforms and the cutting-edge-technology product – Laughing Intelligent Health Cup. In particular, the ego 2.0 system is the most important part of the launch. The ego system is an AI health and medical treatment intelligence network that has been developed by Healthhope independently. Based on AI core technology, special theories about health and medical treatment as well as supporting knowledge systems, it provides underlying support for Healthhope products, including platforms, systems, hardware, content and solutions.

The ego 2.0 system introduced at the conference extends to medical treatment fields on the basis of the 1.0 system, deepens into disease control, and realizes an enclosed loop that integrates seven parts, respectively "diagnosis guide, diagnosis inquiry, detection, diagnosis, treatment, execution and follow-up visit" and covers the entire three stages, respectively pre-consulting, mid-treatment and post-rehabilitation". At present, there are 24 types of core technology, covering 80% of AI technology. For example, in terms of knowledge mapping domain, ego 2.0 systems have completed such key technology as relation extraction, data disambiguation and data integration, and realize construction of knowledge mapping in terms of health and disease. In addition, the health and medical treatment knowledge repository has expanded to 1 million, and the sports repository, which covers all sports forms and rehabilitation, has exceeded 2,400. On the basis of the combination of the ego 2.0 system and health and medical treatment scenarios, Healthhope also launched three platforms: an open health and medical treatment AI technology platform, Health AI; a health and medical treatment robot, Health RT; and health and medical treatment mixed reality, Health MR.

From the layer of application, the ego 2.0 system has multiple outstanding points.

First of all, in terms of diagnosis guide, the ego 2.0 system is able to provide an intelligent and precise diagnosis guide function based on the knowledge mapping established by the knowledge repository on the basis of disease, symptom, hospital, department and experts. In terms of diagnosis inquiry, depending on the mapping knowledge of Chinese and western disease symptoms, symptoms as explained by patient are translated into standard medical terms, as an effective tool to improve efficiency of diagnosis inquiry. In terms of detection, the system is able to provide gene detection and analysis, intestinal detection and analysis. In terms of diagnosis, based on a machine vision in-depth learning algorithm, the ego 2.0 system is able to realize face and tongue diagnosis, and provide Chinese and western medical treatment assistance. In terms of treatment, the ego 2.0 system is able to provide medicine use instructions and MR-aiding operation solutions. In terms of execution, the ego 2.0 system provides modules, including health records, prescription recognition, rehabilitation training, disease Q&A and psychological consulting. In terms of follow-up visit, a man-machine interactive follow-up visit is realized via NLP technology. The ego 2.0 system supports scale inquiry, symptom inquiry and so on.

Healthhope is devoted to technological innovation of artificial intelligence in the field of health and medical treatment, automation, natural language processing, mapping knowledge and other artificial intelligence technology, and offers diverse products and services based on health and medical treatment abilities. Healthhope once issued the ego 1.0 system pertinent to precise health management. The ego 1.0 system has completed an enclosed loop of health management by covering five parts – health assessment, health report, health solution, proposal execution and feedback. To the present, the application module in each procedure has been extensively embedded in intelligence scenarios. As an innovative product that successfully applies artificial intelligence in health management, the ego 1.0 system obtained "2017 Technological Innovation & Intelligence Product in Artificial Intelligence Domain". The ego 2.0 system hopes to emulate its predecessor.

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Last Updated: 31-Jul-2018