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Creative Enzymes Launches Several Enzymes Products to Support Medical Research and the Development of Medical Products

Creative Enzymes offers a variety of enzyme products for applications in different areas, including industrial uses (for example, keratinase for industrial applications such as food and animal feed preparation), research uses (for example, imidazole glycerol-phosphate dehydratase which can catalyze removal of a non-acidic hydrogen atom in the dehydration), and medical uses. Creative Enzymes recently launches several enzymes products to support medical research and the development of medical products.

The heparinase recently provided by Creative Enzymes can destroy extracellular matrix and basement membrane, participate in tumor angiogenesis, and promote tumor spread and metastasis. Therefore, heparinase has gradually become a new target for eye-catching anti-tumor therapy, and the development of its inhibitors is expected to open up new avenues for anti-tumor therapy.

In addition, Creative Enzymes’ 5-Lipoxygenase can be used to transforms EFAs into leukotrienes and is a current target for pharmaceutical intervention in a number of diseases. Whether changes in 5-LOX expression caused by ALOX5 gene mutation can affect humans susceptibility to disease is a research hotspot.

For more detailed information about medical enzymes, please contact Creative Enzymes directly at 1-631-619-7922 or email to You’ll find more about their newly released products.

About Creative Enzymes

Creative Enzymes uses its expertise in enzyme manufacturing to supply customers enzymes using for life science research and production of medicines, food, alcohol, beer, fruit juice, fabric, paper, leather goods, etc. As a reliable supplier, Creative Enzymes supplies the products of high quality and competitive cost performance.

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Last Updated: 04-Aug-2018