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Nativeâ„¢ Antibody Discovery Services Launched by Creative Biolabs Break Conventional Technical Limitations

New York, US – July 31, 2018 – Creative Biolabs has proudly launched the unique Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to develop native monoclonal antibodies using antigen-specific B lymphocytes cytometry technology.

Although current in vitro display technologies provide powerful ways for isolating high-affinity antibodies from small focused libraries, some technical limitations are also often observed. For instance, antibodies derived from these technologies most likely do not represent the naturally cognate heavy and light chains. Meanwhile, antibodies generally have moderate affinity to the targets, often in the 1-50 nM KD range, so they often require further affinity maturation before used as potential therapeutics.

For the sake of global clients who are seeking for a more helpful technology, Creative Biolabs has developed the exclusive Native™ Antibody Discovery Platform to isolate single antigen-specific plasma cells to retrieve native antibodies with extremely high in vivo specificity and affinity, which can help clients select a large number of antibody candidates at once while only taking 2-3 weeks post-immunization. This native antibody service is supposed to be the most efficient way in developing native monoclonal antibodies from humans, rabbits, rats, mice, chicken and other species such as camelids, sheep, monkeys, dogs and even cows.

Advantages of our Native™ Antibody Discovery Service including but not limited to:

  • Native paired heavy chain and light chain
  • In vivo affinity maturation
  • High specificity and stability in vivo
  • Large pool of antibody candidates
  • Competitive and affordable price
  • Diverse species available

As a cutting-edge pioneer in antibody production, Creative Biolabs devotes itself to offering high-quality native monoclonal antibodies for both academic and clinical use. The professional scientists in Creative Biolabs are confident in providing the domestic and international customers with the best possible services while at the most competitive price.


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Creative Biolabs is the leading custom service provider that has extensive experience in various antibody production and engineering fields. Our service portfolio includes mouse and rat monoclonal antibody production using hybridoma technology, human, monkey, rabbit, chicken, dog, llama and camel monoclonal antibody production using various antibody library technologies (including phage display, bacterial display and yeast display). We are also professional in conducting in depth antibody humanization and affinity maturation using phage display and DNA mutagenesis approaches. In addition, OEM services for bulk scale antibody manufacturing, including bacterial production of scFv, diabody, tandem scFv, miniantibody and Fab, and mammalian cell expression of minibody, chimeric IgG and IgG, are also available at the most competitive price in the industry.

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Last Updated: 06-Aug-2018