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Fit3D Set to Slash $100B Annual Loss for Garment & Apparel Industry

Fit3D Set to Slash $100B Annual Loss for Garment & Apparel Industry More than 500,000 scans offer transformative insights for reducing loss due to poor fit

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 07, 2018

SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 07, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Fit3D, makers of the ProScanner 3D body surface scanner, announced today that it has processed the 500,000th body scan using the Fit3D ProScanner. With this milestone, the company is making public its launch of BodyBlock AI, it's body scan data services for the apparel and garment industries.

Retails companies lose billions every year due to improperly fitting clothes. This is a global issue with $64B in lost profits for apparel returned because of poor fit and $43B spent on revamping sizing charts for each of a brand's product lines.

BodyBlock AI's services are formulated for those integral in developing new clothing design and fit, eliminating the hassle and work of a traditional sizing study, working with your design team to understand your product lines and the data specifications needed to break down a size array. Design teams also receive have access to the actual 3D body scans via BodyBlock, so that they can be utilized during the design process, ex. for testing draping and fit.

"Fit3D can quickly capture accurate 3D human body avatars cost effectively." said Marcus Ogawa, a Managing Partner of Quest Venture Partners. "They focus on using a one-of-a-kind proprietary dataset to help apparel and retail companies efficiently design and distribute clothing to fit their target audiences and they are the only real game in town with a billion dollar market potential in apparel alone."

Improving Profitability for the Garment & Apparel Industry

The global apparel industry, including online and brick-and-mortar sales, loses $100 billion each year across the ecosystem due to based on poor fit. In addition to the monetary loss, there are hundreds of thousands of tons of material waste from returns, including fabric, wash, gas through shipping and logistics.

The problem is particularly painful for online retailers who carry the added burden of both outbound and return shipping costs. Not only will the data improve fit for clothing during the design process, but apparel companies can also offer recommended fit for consumers. When packaged correctly using Fit3D's data and machine learning (ML) capabilities, Fit3D can significantly reduce the monetary loss and waste; even a ten percent reduction in returns could save retailers millions of dollars, improve margins, and shareholder value.

"We have produced a highly accurate 3D body scanner in order to generate the world's largest and accurate 3D body scan database," said Greg Moore, Fit3D Co-Founder and CEO. "Our vision from day one has been to leverage our body scanning services to build the largest, fastest growing, and most globally diverse 3D body avatar dataset in the world. Fit3D and clothing brands can utilize that anonymized data to help the world design and distribute more customized and better fitting clothing."

Fit3D Data Services Solve Costly Information Gap

"Using fit models is an expensive and lengthy process for garment makers and it usually doesn't result in a good fit for most people," said Tyler Carter, Fit3D Co-Founder and CTO. "The apparel industry needs a much larger data set in order to provide a better fit for their customers."

The 500,000 body scans from Fit3D include scans from 45 countries and 47 U.S. States. The fast-growing dataset is 65% female and 35% male with ages ranging from under 25 to 80 The Fit3D body avatar data will be available via four BodyBlock AI services:

BodyBlock Sizing – Customized data collection and regression analysis for apparel companies, designed to improve clothing fit. This data can be imported directly into apparel 3D design technology like Browzwear, Clo3D, Optitex, etc., to improve fit.

BodyBlock Insights - A data platform with hundreds of thousands of anonymized 3D body scans from around the world. The data can be filtered by multiple segments including proprietary size studies, gender, age, geographic location, and more.

BodyBlock Marketplace- A marketplace where made to measure, custom, and bespoke brands can offer their clothing and services to Fit3D users after they have taken a scan. The user selects the brand at which to shop, then the user opts in to share the necessary information and is redirected to the brand's page. From there the user selects products based on preference and the brand sizes the products automatically using the user's Fit3D measurement or scan data.

BodyBlock Predict – Leveraging machine learning for analysis of the proprietary data set, clothing retailers can use Fit3D's predictive measurements to recommend sizing for consumers in the store and online. Consumers don't need a full body scan to take advantage of this service; Fit3D can extract measurements from a photograph or a questionnaire to predict how that brand's clothes will fit the individual.

"Prior to Fit3D, mass data for human bodies worldwide has never been available," said Walden Lam, Co-Founder and Chief Hustler for denim unspun, a robotics and apparel company building custom jeans on-demand. "Garment companies have always struggled with finding sufficient data and it has proven to be a costly information gap. Most apparel companies spend months and hundreds of thousands of dollars to identify fit for a new item. Fit3D's database with machine learning and predictive analytics is helping companies like us to create a scalable, mass customization business."

With the advancements in manufacturing and the Fit3D body data, mass and micro customization is now possible and cost-effective for the garment industry. "When products and services are more accurately designed for and distributed to consumers, apparel and retail will operate more efficiently, while reducing waste and increasing profitability. Who doesn't need that?" continued Moore.

More than 1200 Fit3D ProScanners are currently operating in 45 countries. Sales from direct selling and distributors have doubled from 2016 to 2017. The company is on-track to exceed 100 percent sales growth in 2018.

Fit3D sells and licenses its services on a per seat and usage basis and for single or multiple projects. To learn more about Fit3D, body scan data, and the Fit3D ProScanner, go to,, call +1 (650) 275-3483, or write to us at


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Fit3D offers the world's largest database of 3D body scans. Since our founding in 2012, more than 500,000 body surface scans have been gathered from 45 countries using the Fit3D ProScanner. ProScanner is the premiere 3D body surface scanner for health clubs around the world including Equinox, Fitness First, Crunch Fitness Franchises, Golds Gym Franchises, etc. Other customers include Stitch Fix, Hunkemoller, Denim Unspun, Sene, Stantt, and others. Fit3D has also partnered with medical organizations like Mt. Sinai, LSU, UCSF, Harvard, Duke and others to research better methods for identifying health risks earlier. Fit3D raised $2.13 million in a 2014 seed round and $3.25 million in a Series A round in 2017. Visit or follow us on Twitter @Fit3D to learn more about Fit3D and our products and services.



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