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Presales of Plexus Wheel+ by Chirp Surpass $400,000 on Kickstarter for the Innovative At-Home Solution for Back Pain

Presales of Plexus Wheel+ by Chirp Surpass $400,000 on Kickstarter for the Innovative At-Home Solution for Back Pain Less than three weeks remain to take advantage of reduced early-bird pricing during crowdfunding for Chirp's enhanced product that relieves back, neck and shoulder pain

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OREM, Utah, Aug. 8, 2018

OREM, Utah, Aug. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Presales of the newest version of Plexus Wheel+, created as an affordable at-home solution for people suffering with back pain, are closing in on the half-million-dollar-mark on Kickstarter – raising more than $400,000 with less than a month remaining in the crowdfunding campaign.

"With millions of people suffering with shoulder, neck and back pain throughout the world, we're proud to offer Plexus Wheel Plus as an effective, affordable and more convenient at-home alternative for people to ease their suffering," said Plexus Wheel+ Inventor Tate Stock.

Supported by more than 5,000 backers on Kickstarter, with presales for Plexus Wheel + so far surpassing the original crowdfunding goal by 40 times, several early-bird discounts remain during the final weeks of crowdfunding.

Low back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, affecting 31 million in the United States at any given time, and research shows most backaches are caused by myofascial pain – an irritation caused by the overuse of the muscles that support the spine.

To relieve back pain, Plexus Wheel+ is designed with wheels that follow the natural curve of the spine and to fit perfectly between the shoulder blades – effectively providing relief because it tractions the spine and takes pressure off the discs in the spine. In this way, Plexus Wheel+ keeps, maintains and helps correct the natural curvature of the spine, improving posture, flexibility, and mobility – at the same time releasing the tension and stress in the back.

The Plexus Wheel+ helps users release tension in their lower back, upper back and shoulders and message their legs – all while expanding their chest and strengthening their core. In addition to overall strengthening of the core muscles, other benefits include improving posture, achieving better balance and the ability to use Plexus Wheel + to target specific ailments like tension headaches.

Stock developed a series of videos that illustrate the various stretches and exercises that can be done with the Plexus Wheel+ -- courses that will continually be updated to provide a never-ending list of things to do with a Plexus Wheel+.

The original Plexus Wheel was introduced three years ago. Since that time, the company has fulfilled more than 100,000 orders – while receiving a lot of feedback from customers to improve on the product.

"Everyone's back is different, so we tripled the padding on the wheel and added a spinal canal to Plexus Wheel Plus," Stock said. "Users looking for relief from back pain will enjoy our most comfortable wheel design yet, providing them with a more back-friendly experience while also providing a four-way stretch."

For more information about Plexus Wheel+, or to take advantage of discounted pricing during crowdfunding, visit the Plexus Wheel+ Campaign Page on Kickstarter.

About Plexus Wheel
The development of Plexus Wheel began in a Utah garage in 2015 with inventor Tate Stock at the helm. The Plexus Wheel is one of the many pain relief products that fall under the Chirp brand. Based on intensive research and product development, the founder initially marketed the wheels to the yoga community to help them gain and maintain flexibility and balance. Today, more than 3,000 physical therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers use and recommend the Plexus Wheel. Their goal: Always have the client's back! For more information, visit Chirp's Plexus Wheel+ Campaign Page on Kickstarter.



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