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Ahmed Nashaat: Self-Discovery Workshop a Success in Egypt

Ahmed Nashaat: Self-Discovery Workshop a Success in Egypt A recent Egyptian Self-Discovery Workshop by Happy Family Relationship Coaching was a major success. Read on to learn more about the inspirational workshop.

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Several people were given keys to bettering themselves and their lives during a recent event in Egypt called Self-Discovery Workshop by Happy Family Relationship Coaching. The goal of these types of workshops is to help people to live the lives they crave, rather than settling for whatever comes their way, according to Egypt expert Ahmed Nashaat.

The six-hour workshop, which took place in Maadi, Cairo Governorate over the summer, was aimed at helping event-goers to understand the things sabotaging their paths to the types of lives they wanted. Through the event, they had the chance to master their minds and assume control of their own destinies.

An important area of emphasis in the workshop was the need for people to free themselves from their burdens and to be willing to dream big. Yet another essential focus area was self-discovery, with workshop attendees being encouraged to discover who they were and what they wanted to be. In other words, they were motivated to discover their unique life purposes.

Happy Family Relationship Coaching also used the event to teach people about understanding their money issues, action planning, and goal setting. Attendees walked away from the conference feeling more self-confident and more excited to plan their life visions and assess their current life situations honestly and accurately. They also mastered how to redefine the key elements in their lives as well as how to control their actions and beliefs.

In a group setting, attendees were able to build positive relationships with one another, and they were also inspired to respect their differences, seeing uniqueness as a true asset. Healthy Family Relationship Coaching took the necessary steps to create a safe environment where self-expression was met with no judgment by others, according to Ahmed Nashaat.


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