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Lakes Dermatology of Las Vegas Adds the SyneronCandela Vbeam to their Skin-Treating Arsenal

Lakes Dermatology of Las Vegas Adds the SyneronCandela Vbeam to their Skin-Treating Arsenal The Vbeam treatment is the gold standard in pulsed-dye laser treatments

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LAS VEGAS, Aug. 18, 2018

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Dr. F. Victor Rueckl is excited to add the incomparable Vbeam treatment to Lakes Dermatology of Las Vegas. Manufactured by SyneronCandela, Vbeam is the world's best selling pulsed-dye laser that offers safe and proven results in the treatment of vascular, pigmented, and a variety of non-pigmented lesions.

The Vbeam procedure stands alone as the gold standard in pulsed-dye laser treatments. This device treats a wide range of skin issues that often negatively impact one's appearance and self-confidence. The Vbeam can be used to treat port wine stain birthmarks, leg veins, warts, vascular lesions, stretch marks, acne scars, age spots, facial and spider veins, rosacea, bruises, and pigmented lesions.

The Vbeam works by delivering pulsed laser energy that passes through the dermis and epidermis skin layers. This energy is emitted at a wavelength of 595nm and is absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in the blood cells instead of the surrounding tissue. This means that there is far less damage than similar treatments, allowing for a quicker healing time. Another advantage of the Vbeam is how quickly it operates. It fires a more intense burst of laser energy than older pulsed-dye lasers, but the pulse of the Vbeam lasts for only 0.45 milliseconds as opposed to the old 40 milliseconds. Again, this reduces stress upon the patient's skin.

Dr. F. Victor Rueckl of Lakes Dermatology of Las Vegas says, "I'm thrilled to offer Vbeam treatments to our clients. This safe and proven technology treats a wide range of skin issues, such as rosacea, acne scars, bruises, and vascular lesions. Several factors make the Vbeam stand apart from other pulsed-dye lasers. First is the fact that it works quickly, delivering its energy in just 0.45 milliseconds compared to the 40 milliseconds of older devices. It's highly flexible, working on many different skin problems and skin types. In addition, clients often see improvement in their appearance after one treatment, although the number of treatments will vary upon the issue being addressed. The Vbeam is essentially pain-free as clients typically feel just a tingling or warming sensation. However, the best feature of the Vbeam is that it works tremendously, offering proven results. Patients who have lived their whole lives with an issue like a port wine stain birthmark on their face are overjoyed when the appearance of the birthmark is minimized, thus allowing them to be more self-confident in their appearance. The Vbeam is completely safe, and this non-surgical procedure has been used for over 30 years in the treatment of port wine stain birthmarks on young children and infants. I am also thrilled that it helps bruises heal faster. With aesthetic procedures on the rise, sometimes a bruise will occur from a procedure or injectable. The Vbeam's targeted wavelength is the perfect solution to helping bruises resolve faster."

About Lakes Dermatology of Las Vegas

Lakes Dermatology is a state-of-the-art dermatological facility located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Spa at Lakes Dermatology houses all of the medical-grade lasers and machines used at the facility, and both entities are located within the same building. Lakes Dermatology is overseen by Dr. F. Victor Rueckl, a board-certified dermatologist with thirty years experience, and provides patients with both cosmetic and traditional dermatology services. Services and procedures include Mohs surgery, Botox, Lumecca, Fractora, and many more.

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