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Descent into Darkness - What it's Really Like to Lose One's Mind

Descent into Darkness - What it's Really Like to Lose One's Mind International business executive slowly detaches from reality and spends 113 days in jail for throwing a stapler

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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- In 2014, Bradley Good, an international businessman with an MBA from the University of Chicago, was incarcerated on three felony counts for throwing a stapler through the window of his Los Angeles apartment building. Good was 48 years old and was successful and healthy until he broke with reality in Beijing and started his slow descent into madness.

It is estimated that nearly 20% of the population struggles with some form of mental illness. In Bradley Good's recent book "113 Days" he paints a picture of what it is like to lose touch with reality, fight for your freedom and come to terms with becoming bipolar. The title is a reference to the 113 Days he spent in Los Angeles County Jail as a result of his breakdown.

Good's slow slip into insanity began with a series of arrests for seemingly menial infractions while in Los Angeles and escalated while in Beijing China, with what he thought was a business trip. Good was in a foreign country with no passport, no shoes, few people willing to help him, and sleeping in the Beijing airport. Still, he felt there was nothing wrong with him. Few people can understand what it is like to be on the inside of the mind of someone that is having a psychotic break. Good's depiction of his 'reality' at the time is captivating and illustrative of what it is like to be mentally ill.

"This is the painful tale of a man who has been arrested for a hit and run, for desecrating a church, for defrauding an innkeeper, and how losing everything turned his life around." -Ruffina Oserio (Readers Favorite)

The motivation behind this book is to shed the stigma of mental illness and give readers a glimpse into the distorted reality of the mentally ill. It is the author's hope that friends, family members, and professionals will better understand those that are suffering from mental illness and can be advocates for those who cannot be advocates for themselves.

About Bradley Good:

Author of 113 Days, Bradley Good is a seasoned bilingual executive in corporate finance and executive management. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree from UC Berkeley and an MBA and Master's degree in East Asian Studies from the University of Chicago, he worked at Booz Allen and A. T. Kearney to consult with companies throughout Asia. Brad also was the CEO of OurGroup Inc., an online platform for nonprofit groups and causes. Brad speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, has a fourth degree black belt in Karate, and has been a guest lecturer at various universities.


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