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In the Quest for the Very Best, Designs for Health Announces the Launch of ProbioMed™ Setting a New Gold Standard for Probiotics

In the Quest for the Very Best, Designs for Health Announces the Launch of ProbioMed™ Setting a New Gold Standard for Probiotics A world first range of carefully selected, boutique probiotic strains offered in three clinically relevant dosages that enhance and maintain immune and digestive health.

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PALM COAST, Fla., Aug. 22, 2018

PALM COAST, Fla., Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Designs for Health (DFH), a leading practitioner-channel dietary supplement company, announced today the launch of ProbioMed™ a comprehensive range of high potency shelf-stable probiotic formulations. ProbioMed™ addresses the most common questions that practitioners and consumers have when choosing the right probiotic—how many CFU's (Colony Forming Units) should be taken and how to tell if what's on the label is actually in the capsule? With a series of 50B CFU, 100B CFU and 250B CFU dosages, ProbioMed™ contains 10 of the most well researched probiotics strains, the revolutionary Stability Shield™ packaging to protect the lifecycle of the capsule, and full transparency of vital information on the labels.

"ProbioMed™ is a game changer for us because it achieves a level of superiority like no other probiotic," said Neal Mercado, Vice President of Marketing and Innovation at DFH. "ProbioMed™ is a broad spectrum, high potency, shelf stable probiotic formulated with great care to build and maintain optimal gut flora."

The benefits of a probiotic depend on the probiotic strain, which is why DFH carefully selected the strains for ProbioMed™, each with a specific functional strength that collectively enhances and maintains: digestive and healthy gut flora, bowel function and proper elimination, a healthy systemic and mucosal immune system, and a rebalancing of glut flora following antibiotic therapy and oral health.

From the packaging perspective, the new Stability Shield™ technology utilized for the ProbioMed™ containers is state-of-the art, greatly reducing the impact of moisture, oxygen and light, extending significantly the life of the probiotic and eliminating the need for refrigeration. "The combination of this packaging, together with an appropriate CFU overage to the formula, means we can guarantee a two-year shelf stable potency," comments Mercado. Additionally, DFH chose robust strains for their resistance to stomach acid, bile and gastrointestinal adherence and use a delayed release veggie capsule to enable the probiotics to be readily delivered to the lower intestine.

DFH has taken a very bold step in being totally transparent with the information on the ProbioMed™ label. "We believe it's important as a trusted brand to be more transparent about our careful selection raw materials and their potencies," said Mercado, adding that starting with ProbioMed™ they have listed each specific strain of each probiotic species, the strain amounts and the overage that they are using to guarantee the two-year label claim.

ProbioMed™ is a synergistic balance of diverse human origin strains with the effective doses for optimal patient outcomes. Higher doses of probiotics have the ability to influence gut health and immunity in ways lower dose probiotics cannot. ProbioMed™ 50B CFU is ideal for daily maintenance, while the 100B CFU is formulated to treat therapeutic issues and the 250B CFU dose is a 14-day intensive recolonization product. All ProbioMed™ probiotics are Gluten free, Berry free, Vegetarian, and Non-GMO.

"Based on the emerging evidence about the links between probiotics and optimal health, we foresee that probiotics are going to play a very important role in our lives in the near future," said Mercado.

About Designs for Health:
Family-owned Designs for Health offers high-quality dietary supplements and medical foods to healthcare professionals and their patients. Guided by its founding philosophy of "Science First," the company holds an unwavering commitment to creating research-driven formulations with meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients that maximize the potential for successful treatment outcomes. For nearly 30 years, Designs for Health has been many healthcare professionals' trusted source for not only product innovation, but also leadership in clinical education and practice development solutions. To learn more, visit or call 800.847.8302.

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