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CBD & THC Transdermal Patch Offers Alternative Pain Relief to Opioids

CBD & THC Transdermal Patch Offers Alternative Pain Relief to Opioids The NEW Synergy Skin Worx transdermal patch is an alternative to opioids offering controlled dosing of CBD & THC for pain and recovery for athletes to senior citizens with inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety and other ailments.

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PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 23, 2018

PORTLAND, Ore., Aug. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The well-known Synergy Skin Worx cannabis transdermal patch, that was once available on the Oregon medicinal cannabis market, is now available to the recreational market in 176 retail stores. Similar to a nicotine patch in delivery, Synergy Skin Worx's transdermal patch is designed for safe, controlled dosing of cannabidiol (CBD) and/or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) into the bloodstream over a prolonged period of time. The patch has a time release formula lasting 24-36 hours depending on the variety of cannabinoid composition. The patch is water and perspiration proof and can be worn throughout everyday activities. The patch comes in a collection of High CBD, CBD 1:1, and THC. The patches were created to be used anytime and anywhere as they are a discreet way to consume cannabis.

When using a Synergy Skin Worx transdermal patch you are receiving all the benefits of the cannabis plant as well as the research and development done by a physician and chemist. All Synergy patches are manufactured with high grade full spectrum cannabis extracts that have been fully activated and tested. Pharmaceutical grade adhesives work with the skin to push the cannabis through the skin barriers and into the bloodstream. The foam backing is of highest quality for functionality and comfort.

Synergy Skin Worx has received many testimonials from athletes to senior citizens with chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety and other ailments. The ailments that all of these demographics have in common are pain and the need for recovery. CBD and THC work hand in hand to treat these ailments without the use of opioids. Multiple people have seen positive results by using Synergy Skin Worx transdermal patches for these ailments and others as evidenced in the following testimonial:

"As an arthritis sufferer with Diabetes II for many years, I was skeptical that the patches would provide pain relief as well as the many other benefits it prints on their label. My daughter tried the patches after she injured her shoulder when she fell from her skateboard. She raved about the pain relief as well as reducing swelling and discomfort she experienced when she used the patches on her shoulder and lower back. . . To my surprise and relief, my experience was a success too. My knees felt much better and my arthritis pain was greatly reduced. I would recommend these patches to anyone. And I've already passed on the great results to several friends who are anxious to give them a try".
– Jillian and Dawn

About Synergy Skin Worx
Synergy Skin Worx is a family owned and operated company located in Portland, Oregon. The owners have been pivotal cannabis industry innovators for over 10 years and have a passion for perfecting products for cannabis consumers. Starting in retail, the owners, Bud Pearce and Mandy Seybert, focused on creating more effective cannabinoid products that were not readily available to cannabis consumers. When owning a retail store- they engaged with several patients a day that were having multiple pain issues and did not want to smoke or ingest cannabis. They strategically assembled a team comprised of a chemist, a doctor and cultivators to design and test a variety of cannabis derived products that were then featured in the Oregon medical market and have recently launched on the recreational market for 21+ consumers. The first product to be released in their lineup is their cannabis transdermal patches on which gross sales increased 60% since entering on the recreational market.    




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