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Anti-Transporter Antibody Discovery Service is Introduced by Creative Biolabs

Aug 28th, as an excellent and world-leading supplier in antibody production field, Creative Biolabs introduced its anti-transporter antibody discovery service to both academic and industrial customers all over the world. This newly-developed service involves many aspects which can meet different demands of clients.


Transporters, which are built with the ability of making a large number of polar and non-polar water-soluble substances pass through membranes specifically by active or passive transport, are one of the two basic types of membrane transport proteins. What’s more, the transporter-conscious drug design is an excellent approach to deliver drugs to pharmaceutical target organs, providing additional advantages in absorption, distribution, metabolism. Excretion behaviors.


Types of anti-transporter antibody discovery services:

Anti-membrane protein antibody discovery using hybridoma

Equipped with the featured hybridoma platform, Creative Biolabs is able to guarantee the highly efficient cell fusion & clone selection. Additionally, tailoring custom immunization campaigns are also notable according to different immunogens.


Anti-membrane protein antibody discovery by phage display technology

It is well-known that phage display is a high-throughput-directed technique in antibody screening which plays a very significant role in presenting antibody fragments. Creative Biolabs has developed a phage display platform such as phage display library construction, library screening platform.


Anti-membrane protein antibody discovery through premade antibody libraries

A various of high-quality premade libraries from human, mouse, camelid have been developed by Creative Biolabs for shortening the timeline of antibody proteins discovery. This service is a most straightforward approach that is suitable for complicated targets.


“There are many other service types developed by scientists in Creative Biolabs. This newly-updated service will be popular and useful among our clients all over the world. What’s more, our scientists are dedicated to studying more convenient services for customers. ” Said Dr. Monika Müller, Scientific Officer of Creative Biolabs.


About Creative Biolabs

With excellent expert teams and rich experience in anti-membrane antibody protein discovery, Creative Biolabs is able to guarantee the excellence of this service, and Creative Biolabs is also dedicated to raising superior anti-membrane protein antibodies by using versatile approaches, especially anti-transporter antibodies.

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Last Updated: 29-Aug-2018