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QueueDr Joins Epic App Orchard to Improve Patient Access

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- QueueDr, the creator of OnDemand Schedule Management Solutions for healthcare organizations, announced today that is has joined the Epic App Orchard.

The App Orchard developer program and marketplace help businesses integrate their products and services with their customer's Epic software. App Orchard provides developers with integration technologies, testing tools, design and technical support, training and networking opportunities, and a marketplace to showcase their products. As a contributor, QueueDr will utilize application programming interfaces (API's) to get patients early appointments, send reminders, and reschedule any cancellations without Epic customers having to leave Epic.

According to Merritt Hawkins, new patients in the US wait 24 days, on average, to see a provider. At the same time, NIH studies report that providers lose 10-20% of their annual revenue to missed appointments or unscheduled physician capacity, costing US healthcare organizations over $150 billion annually, according to Health Management Technology. QueueDr has created solutions for pain points that exist in all medical organizations, like no-shows and long patient wait-times, and offers a solution that meets the demands of today's highly consumer-centric healthcare patients.

Patrick Randolph, Founder and CEO of QueueDr, said, "We are thrilled to be part of the App Orchard. In order to improve patient access, we must make life easier for the staff serving them. That is why we made QueueDr fully autonomous for all Epic customers, something we couldn't have done without the App Orchard program."

The QueueDr application can be viewed in the App Orchard marketplace here.


Improve Patient Access with OnDemand Schedule Management. Cancellations, bumps, and no-shows can wreak havoc on a medical organization's bottom line, QueueDr fixes that. As the nation's leading OnDemand Schedule Management solution QueueDr was designed to help even the most complex health systems improve patient access. QueueDr will automate schedule management via text – with no apps to download. Using AI QueueDr will match the most eligible patients with unfilled appointments, allowing you to see more patients, sooner.

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Last Updated: 29-Aug-2018